21 Day / 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training (MultiStyle)

How to Become a Yoga Instructor in Bali ,Indonesia


Our 21 day / 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training is the next step to obtaining the highest level Yoga Alliance Certification. Train at a beautiful ocean view shala just a few minutes from the best beaches in Bali. Learn from warm hearted professionals with decades of experience leading teacher trainings.

Deepen your knowledge of hatha and vinyasa with detailed asana labs, functional anatomy and hands on adjustments. Explore advanced poses and creative new ways to transition and sequence flows. Cultivate new teaching skills by designing specialized workshops.

Delve into the healing power of yin yoga, trauma release and therapeutic massage. Liberate your inner child with ecstatic dance, aerial and acro yoga. Discover your true self through sacred yoga philosophy, kirtan and meditation. Do a mix of onsite and online studies. Receive lifetime access to the complete online course.

Explore beaches, mountains and waterfalls in your break time. Go swimming, surfing, dancing, visit temples, watch live music and make loving memories with life long friends from around the world.

Join us on a magical tropical island for a life changing experience!

What You Will Learn   (In-Person + Online Studies)

Each day you will re-examine the roots of asana form and function on a much deeper level
  • Integrate their energetic and bi-omechanic components to improve alignment and technique
  • Explore advanced asanas and study the prerequisite steps to achieve them safely over time
  • Gain deeper breath awareness, bandha engagement and mastery of foundational equivalents.
  • Learn more precise alignment, variations for different levels, and modifications with props.
  • Discover new ways to transition and connect poses to build creative vinyasa flow sequences.

•Each morning begins with a two hour guided class of hatha or vinyasa yoga, which include pranayama and meditation, options for beginner and intermediate levels, plus an assistant to give hands on adjustments.

•Some classes are designed with specialized themes such as chakra awakening, trauma release, advanced transitions, creative sequencing and much more.

ULU Yoga promises you will complete this course a stronger more confident instructor

  • Practice teaching everyday and gain valuable feedback from experienced practitioners to further develop your skills

  • Teach a 75min class every week and challenge yourself by designing specialized workshops or thematic group classes

Each day you will receive a special workshop to deepen your practice and provide you with a dynamic skillset.

  • Aerial yoga is one of ULU Yoga’s greatest specialties! You will love training with their cushioned swings. Learn to cure back pain with traction and inversions.

  • Acro yoga is a fun challenge, helping you to elevate your sense of balance and engagement, becoming more self aware by connecting with others.
  • Yin yoga, yoga nidra and restorative yoga help you to relieve stress, break up scar tissue, and promote healing through fascia release, as well as letting go of stored trauma.
  • Ashtanga yoga serves as a bridge between hatha and vinyasa yoga by providing a structured set sequence to build strength, flexibility and discipline to grow and develop.

Meditation and pranayama are a crucial part of every morning class. You also receive dedicated workshops for each topic.

  • In Meditation you will learn various techniques including vipassana (insight meditation), mantra meditation (spiritual recitation), trataka (candle gazing), walking meditation, gratitude meditation, yoga nidra and trauma release.

  • In Pranayama you will learn Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), Kapalabhati (skull shining breath), Bhramari (humming bee), Ujjayi (victory breath), Bhastrika (fire breath), Dirga (three part breath), Shitali (cooling breath, Viloma (against the wave)
  • A 21 day training has more time to cover more styles, but you can also see them on the online course.
  • An Intermediate training will revisit these techniques going more into their physical, mental and energetic benefits.

Each week you will have one and two anatomy workshops

  • Apply new knowledge of the body to become a more skillful practitioner and instructor
  • Go beyond the body and explore the science of integrating energetics into the asanas
  • Learn about different body types to give more precise adjustments and cueing
  • Test your memory with a review of bones, muscles, fascia, joints and bodily systems
  • 21 day and Intermediate courses will have more time to cover more topics onsite
  • Additional anatomy content and quizzes are available through the online course

Discover your true self and the deeper nature of reality through the sacred wisdom of ancient yogic philosophy.

  • Incorporate these lessons in the real world to cultivate a holistic yoga lifestyle
  • Topics include the yoga sutras by Patanjali, 8 limbs of yoga, chakras, gunas, doshas
  • 21 day and Intermediate courses have more time to discuss hinduism, mythology, ayurveda, tantra, and kundalini
  • More detailed philosophy info and reading assignments are available on the online course

Receive guidance about becoming a yoga professional to earn a living doing what you love.

  • Learn about taking professional pictures and videos

  • How to use various booking platforms
  • Tips to create your own yoga retreat or teacher training
  • Creating a Yoga Alliance profile
  • Or even registering a school with Yoga Alliance

21 day and Intermediate courses include additional workshops

  • Advanced transitions, creative sequencing, traditional tantra hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, yogic massage, somatic movement and more

ULU Yoga also provides fun activities to celebrate life.

  • Ecstatic dance and kirtan offer a tantric connection to the divine by opening the light within you through soulful play and surrender.

  • Beach yoga is a chance to enjoy one of the most famous attractions in Bali, the gorgeous turquoise waters and limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, which are just a few minutes away.
  • Uluwatu has some of the best surfing in the world, and when the waves are calm you can try SUP yoga ($40 additional fee).

During the onsite training you should do 1-2 hours of daily self study outside of class

  • Reading the training manual

  • Reviewing your notes
  • Designing your original class
  • Plus daily journaling assignments

This course has 150 hours of required online study. After you pay your deposit you will receive access to the complete online course. It’s good to do some online studies in advance to prepare. You can follow the classes in order or skip around and choose what content best serves your needs and interests.

You can also do your online studies after the onsite training. Simply watch the videos that were not covered onsite so you are not repeating the same content. However, for most classes the online and onsite instructors are different. It can be greatly beneficial to repeat some lessons to gain deeper insight.

The online course has more in depth philosophy and anatomy content, which require additional reading. Whereas the onsite course is naturally more physical, hands on and interactive. If you miss onsite classes you can do more online work as make up. Plus you have 2 years to finish.

This course has 14 day and 21 day options. The 14 day is good if you only have a short time available. The 21 day is nice to gain deeper knowledge in person.

The 14 day has more required online work. Both 14 and 21 day students have access to the complete online course.

The 14 and 21 day courses start together at the same time and have all of the same classes together.

The 14 day students have a graduation ceremony on their last day (which is optional for 21 day students to attend).

In-Person Study Schedule

12:00 Check in
17:30 Orientation
Check in time varies from place to place. 12:00 is just the average time. Orientation is just a short meeting to connect with the coordinator and other students. Much of this info is already provided online. Some students miss orientation because they are still traveling or prefer to enjoy the beach. Therefore, we wait until Monday to do a more in depth opening ceremony with dinner.
7:00 Vinyasa flow
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Philosophy
11:30 Asana lab
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Acro yoga
17:00 Sharing circle
*17:30 Group dinner
Dinner is dutch pay. If the weather is good we may go to the glorious Mu Bungalows cliffside restaurant with amazing sunset views along the coast. During rainy season we may visit Rolling Fork Italian restaurant for delicious pizza and salad. All outings are alcohol free. 
7:00 Traditional hatha
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Anatomy
11:30 Asana lab
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Aerial yoga
17:00 Sharing circle
*17:30 Sauna
This training includes one free trip to the Istana, a luxury cliffside wellness center with an infrared sauna, steam sauna, dry sauna, hot plunge, cold plunge, infinity pool, bonfire and healthy cafe. Additional services include sensory deprivation tank, cryotherapy and hyperbaric chamber, plus special events like ecstatic dance, kirtan, vipassana meditation and more. 
7:00 Ashtanga vinyasa
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Meditation, pranayama, chakras, ect…
11:30 Asana lab
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Yin yoga
17:00 Sharing circle
17:30 Finish
*18:00 Kirtan
Kirtan is a devotional practice of singing or chanting divine incantations. Here you can open your heart and let your voice ring out with love for life. Don’t worry what the words even mean, don’t worry if you can’t sing, don’t worry if you don’t believe in Hinduism, just drop your ego and set free your soul. We sometimes go to another venue to watch visiting kirtan groups, or we do kirtan ourselves in the shala with guitars, drums and shakers. 
7:00 Hatha flow
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Teaching methodology
11:30 Class design
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Group teaching
17:00 Sharing circle
*19:00 Contact dance
Every Thursday at the Istana you can try contact dance. You can just dance alone like ecstatic dance, or you can wander around connecting with other participants in a wild freestyle exploration of movement, creation and union. Contact dance is a unique liberating journey that everyone should experience once in a lifetime. And here is your chance. 
7:00 Vinyasa flow
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Adjustments, injuries, cueing, ect…
11:30 Asana lab
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Teaching exams
17:00 Sharing circle
*18:00 Ecstatic dance
Almost every Friday or Saturday in Uluwatu you can find an Ecstatic Dance. These events are alcohol free conscious gatherings. You dance alone within the group however you want. You generally do not make eye contact or try to dance with anyone or take pictures. The music can be described as spiritual house dance. 
7:00 SUP yoga or beach yoga
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Restorative yoga
11:30 Sharing circle
*13:00 Finish
Actually week 1 Saturday morning is usually Teaching Exam part 2. SUP yoga happens week 2. Beach yoga happens week 3. The exact day of SUP yoga and Beach yoga will depend on weather conditions.

Free time. Enjoy the beach or go explore Bali. Check out Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang Beach, Melasti Beach! Visit the magical forests, rice fields, boutique shops and cafes in Ubud. Climb Mt. Agung, an active volcano, and watch the sunrise above the clouds. Take a snorkeling tour or diving excursion in Amed. Get some cardio at the local gyms like Bali Training Centre, Bamboo Fitness, 360 Movement, Bingin Space.

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training - Get RYT Certified in Bali

Highlights & Overview

Reservation Deposit : Only $499!

Build your yoga career or deepen your practice and knowledge with this 300 hour YTT Course

Become a certified yoga teacher in Bali

The prices listed here include a 25% discount, which is valid for any course booked before Jan 1, 2025.

The Course Details

300hr Yoga Teacher training includes both on-site training and partial online training

On-site Training Includes:

Online Studies:

Skill Level:

Skill Level

This course is suitable for both experienced teachers and 200 hour graduates with no teaching experience. The focus of this courses is learning the fundamentals of practicing yoga and teaching yoga. You are not required to have a high level of strength or flexibility or experience. Some classes will be split to accommodate more advanced and experienced practitioners who want to go faster and deeper. It is recommended that you complete some online studies in advance to ensure everyone has an equal level of basic knowledge.

300hr YTT Skill Level and General Acceptance

This course is open to intermediate students who have several years experience practicing yoga. You don’t need prior teaching experience. It is recommended to first complete a 200hr YTT, but we will consider applicants with other trainings and experience.


Dates (2024)

The onsite training is 21 days (3 weeks)

Dates (2025)

Early bird promotion:

Tuition Only
Shared Room at 3D Homestay
Standard Room at 3D Homestay
Ocean View Room at Taman Sari
Ocean View Room at One Degree
Deluxe Garden View at Le Bamboo
Tuition Only
Shared Room at 3D Homestay
Standard Room at 3D Homestay
Ocean View Room at Taman Sari
Ocean View Room at One Degree
Deluxe Garden View at Le Bamboo

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel 30 days in advance to receive a refund of your deposit. There is a $50 cancellation fee. After that your deposit is non refundable. You should pay your balance 14 days before the course starts. If you miss the course due to illness or flight cancelation you can reschedule the date, or get credit for an online course. Accommodation may or may not be refundable, depending which resort you choose and how much notice you give. No refunds are issued after the course begins.

Training in Bali, Uluwatu

21 days 150 hours, take place in Bali, Indonesia. This includes daily guided hatha and vinyasa yoga practice, asana labs, pranayama and meditation, teaching methodology, class design, adjustments, teaching practice, special workshops for aerial yoga, acro yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga yoga and more. The remaining 150 hours you will do online.

Additional Studies - Training Online

Online Course

As a special bonus you will receive the complete course online, which is full approved by Yoga Alliance. This includes video modules covering all topics, physical practice, readings and quizzes and bonus live classes.

Live Online Classes

Optional. You can join live classes on Zoom, Monday - Friday. Times vary, but on average are 2 p.m. GMT +3. Here you can meet instructors and other students to get connected and ask any questions you may have. Attendance is not required.

  • Monday to Sunday :
     – Hatha Vinyasa Practice – 1pm (13:00) – 2pm (14:00)
    Q&A All Topics – 6pm (18:00) – 8pm (20:00)
  • GMT +7 (Subject to change)


At the end of the onsite training you will receive a certificate stating the total number of hours you have completed onsite and online up to that point. When you have completed all requirements you will receive a certificate of full completion and become qualified to teach, primarily vinyasa yoga, all over the world. More training may be required to teach other styles (aerial, acro, yin yoga) proficiently. You will also become eligible to join Yoga Alliance as a RYT Registered Yoga Teacher.

In Bali :
•Eddie Pawlak (USA)
•Minh-tam Ngyuen (USA)
•Heloise Chong (Canada & Hong Kong)
•Nathalie Gerwerc (Brazil)
•Manjeet Mathur (India)
•Salome Hei (Germany))
•Llyodie (UK)
Online :
• Cody Pizer
• Kehkashan Nadeem
• Janaina Mendes
• Kalpana Karia

unnamed (2)

Bingin Beach, Uluwatu , Bali

Bingin Beach, Uluwatu is one of the most beautiful parts of Bali with stunning limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and world famous surfing. Bingin is a hip little village like Ubud with bohemian vibes, posh cafes, boutique shops and live music all within walking distance. Bingin also has fresh clean air and far less traffic than Ubud and Canggu!


Yoga Shala

This training takes place at Le Bamboo, a beautiful ocean view boutique resort, just a few minutes to famous Bingin Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. Le Bamboo has a gorgeous infinity pool and yoga shala surrounded by lush green nature. You can easily walk to many great cafes, shops and accommodations.

unnamed (9)


There are many luxury and budget accommodations just a short walk from UYB. You can rent a bicycle or motorbike for an easy commute. You can also just pay tuition only and self book your own accommodation.  Click here for a detailed PDF clearly outlining all of the course info plus pictures and links to accommodation packages. 

Tuition Only $1,999 (self-book), just pay tuition and book your own dream holiday accommodation. There are many amazing options nearby with ocean views, beach bungalows and 5-star resorts. Does not include airport pickup, food, massage, or morning shuttle. Breakfast can be added for $3-7/day.

Le Bamboo $5,909 (where this training takes place), is a 4-star oceanview boutique resort offering bohemian bungalows with lush garden views, queen beds, wardrobe, desk, and small fridge. There's a great little cafe and an amazing ocean view infinity pool. Also check next door at Gravity Resort, which has similar high quality style, plus several nearby AirBnb options.

3D Homestay $2,299 (5min walk), is a budget ocean view resort with private rooms and shared rooms with two beds. All rooms have a.c., balcony, TV, mini fridge, bathroom, towels, toiletries and free wi-fi. Some rooms have ocean views, but we cannot guarantee. More options with similar prices are Naturela Homestay and One Degree Sunset Hill Dorm.

Villa Achara $2,699 (3min walk), offers charming rustic comfort and simplicity with a cozy romantic ambiance, reflecting a true Island lifestyle home. Enjoy a beautiful ocean view infinity pool, spacious rooms, and a full kitchen.

One Degree Sunset Hill $3,839 (5min walk), is a modern hotel with private ocean view rooms and 6 person shared dorm. All rooms have a/c, balcony, bathroom, wardrobe, wi-fi. Plus there is a gorgeous ocean view pool and shared kitchen. Daytime traffic is loud. The hill is a bit steep to walk.

Taman Sari $3,469 (6min walk), has large sea view bungalows with balconies, private bathrooms, shared swimming pool, shared outdoor kitchen, and free wi-fi. The property is tucked away from the road. It is a bit dark and has reception or onsite staff. This gives it a nice quiet retreat feel. Please choose another option if you require more personal support and security. Another nearby option is Villa Achara.


Packages with accommodation include delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegan and vegetarian options. Drinks include fresh tropical juice, tea, coffee and water. Many students prefer to go out for lunch and dinner. You can get a $3 refund for skipped meals.

If you book tuition only, you can order food ala carte. Uluwatu has many great cafes just a few minutes from the yoga shala. Our favorites include: Ours, Cashew Tree, Gooseberry, Chela, The Loft, Alchemy, Baracca, Tabu, Shaka Riki, Rolling Fork, Nourish, Drifter, Divino, Habitat, Yoga Searcher and many more.

Beach & Fun

There are so many wonderful beaches and attractions to explore! Bingin beach, Dreamland beach, Balagan beach, Padang beach, Thomas beach, Melasti Beach, Karma Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach. There is also live music, dance, temples and so much more!


Included is one free trip to the Istana, a beautiful outdoor wellness centre on the cliff over looking the ocean. The Istana features an ocean view infinity pool, hot and cold plunge, infrared sauna, steam sauna, nightly bonfire and glorious sunset. For additional fee you can book cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tank or hyperbaric chamber.


unnamed (19)

Over the years, ULU Yoga has grown into a big family with warm hearted highly experienced instructors from around the world. Check online for updated info about which instructors are teaching which month.

The Bali team includes the wonderful Heloise Chong (Canada), Manjeet Mathur (India), Mihn-tam Nguyen (USA), Leila Friedman (Swiss), Mathew Lloydie (U.K.), Jacqueline Santiago (AU), Sharath Shanthraju (India), Marylene Henry (Canada), Eddie Pawlak (USA).

Online instructors include Janaina Mendes (Brazil), Cody Pizer (South Africa), Kehkashan Nadeem (Pakistan), Dr. Kalpana Karia (Kenya), Manjeet Mathur (India), Katie Nesbitt (USA).

In-Person Study Schedule

  • 15:00 Check In

  • 17:00 Orientation

  • 6:45 Morning Yoga Practice

  • 8:45 Breakfast

  • 9:30 Anatomy, Philosophy, Methodology 

  • 10:30 Asana Lab

  • 12:30 Break

  • 15:00 Pranayama, Meditation, Teaching

  • 16:00 Aerial, Acro, Yin

  • 18:00 Finish

  • 6:45 Morning Yoga Practice

  • 8:45 Breakfast

  • 9:30 Teaching Practice

  • 10:30 Asana Lab

  • 12:30 Break

  • Day Off

  • SUP Yoga Additional Activity (+$40USD)

  • 6:45 Morning Yoga Practice

  • 8:45 Breakfast

  • 9:30 Closing Ceremony

  • 12:30 Finish

Reviews & Testimonials


An Incredible Experience "This is my first yoga teacher training, and also my first time visiting Bali - the three weeks long experience has been absolutely amazing for me! It turns out to be more than just learning yoga and training as a yoga teacher - I’m truly grateful for everything I learned there. I have learned about self-love, being brave, and staying humble, and so much more. I definitely recommend it. Ulu yoga offers many interesting non-traditional yoga courses e.g. aerial, acro, beach, SUP (I’m an aerial yoga lover, and I have to say Ulu’s unique hammock was so much fun to play with!). The variety of the people I met and the teachers are all lovely, caring, and knowledgeable despite their different backgrounds, moreover the classmates are from all over the world so every day it’s learning about new things, getting to know different cultures, sharing and hearing different life stories. The location I attended the training in Uluwatu, which is less touristy, close to the beach (many surfers go surfing there), and has many good restaurants and cafes. The materials, they will provide you a textbook on the site, and there’s also an online learning platform which I find helpful, you have access to it for about a year so that you can revisit it as you wish. !" Read More >>

Connie Kang

(Hong Kong)

"Highly recommended! Nothing but good things to say about this whole experience. I booked the ULU Yoga TTC and 5 stars all the way!! I will also probably enroll in the 100hr Online Ashtanga course for next month. :)"

Thomas Mecha


Amazing Authentic Experience I completed my 200h YTT with Ulu Yoga in Bali. All of the teachers were really amazing! It’s the perfect mix of the authenticity of yoga with humble and caring humans, all in a perfect environment like Bali, close to the beaches. If you are looking for a serious school well-planned with a great balance of all the different teachers' energy and knowledge, this is it! I liked that you see a little bit of a lot of styles; this way, you can choose what you prefer, and you might be surprised by what you will discover! It’s really worth trying. The breakfast included was really good; you have a choice every day with sweet or salty. The shala is peaceful and well-situated, and it has a lot of good restaurants nearby for lunch and dinner. A big thank you to all the ULU yoga team! We had Héloïse as a leader teacher; she was amazing. She has a sparkling energy. I loved that she has lots of knowledge with chakras. She also taught us how to create a safe place to open up emotionally. Manjeet was also an amazing philosophy teacher. His knowledge is a perfect mix with tradition from India and a funny and humble human being in this modern world. Salome with Ashtanga taught us a more traditional approach, Eddie with Aerial yoga, Lloyd and Flo acro yoga were very competent and taught us with safety how to approach those styles. And I loved the flowy vinyasa from Krystal. Also, Tania, the coordinator, she was really helpful and caring! They all added their flavor. I highly recommend 🙂 Read More >>

Isabelle Royer

United States (USA)

I had the best experience with Ulu! The setting was on an island in Thailand- the resort was right next to the beach, and the weather was beautiful!!! There was a breakfast buffet everyday, which was amazing. And the beach (Haad Yao) was so picturesque. There were several instructors, and they were all amazing and knowledgeable! I loved how they put an emphasis on safety and how the poses are for each person's body. The course was a lot more intense than I had anticipated- but you learn a lot, and you get a lot of teaching practice. I took the 200hr multi-style course, so I had the pleasure of experiencing SUP yoga (on a paddle-board), acroyoga, aerial yoga, yin, hatha, vinyasa, and even a taste of ashtanga.

Emmy Nelson

United Kingdom

Empowered to Continue my Spiritual Path
I want to thank ULU Yoga again for the wonderful time I had during my on-site training in Uluwatu, Bali. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am incredibly thankful for all the laughs, tears, and insights we shared. I learned an awful lot! Not only how to design classes and teach others but also a lot about myself and my practice. My personal highlights were the excursion to the spa, which added a delightful touch to the program, fostering bonding among the participants. Also the variety of different yoga styles we got to experience, including acro, aerial, and yin. After this training, I feel now equipped to teach others in vinyasa and hatha yoga classes and empowered to continue my spiritual path. Also the shala is very new, with a lovely view of the sea, creating a peaceful atmosphere for practice. The location in Uluwatu, Bali, added to the overall charm of the experience. Beyond the physical aspects of yoga, the training delved into the spiritual and personal dimensions, enriching my understanding of both teaching and self-discovery. The supportive environment created by ULU Yoga allowed for personal growth, and the camaraderie among the participants made it a truly special journey. I want to express my gratitude to the ULU Yoga team for facilitating this incredible experience. Overall, the training has left me feeling prepared and inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. Thank you again for this wonderful time! Read More >>

Karolin Schneider


"Omg... the most caring yoga instructors!!! Everything was positive. I love the teachers, they are very experienced and encouraging. I love the classroom we were assigned to. I learned a lot in a short period of time. It was a good balance between learning and fun. I love the food. Ulu yoga is so knowledgable, experiences, loving and creative!! I used to think that good reviews are lies, but now I am writing one. lol :)"

Sin Nga Krisophia Pang

Hong Kong
YTT Certificate

When you become a registered yoga teacher with ULU, we’re committed to your success.

Our commitment goes beyond certification and includes ongoing support, guidance, tools and feedback so you always have the best resources for a successful teaching career and yoga journey.

ULU Yoga is happy to offer free airport pick up, just let us know your arrival time. However, you can more easily manage this yourself! Simply fly into Denpasar (Ngurah Rai International Airport) (DPS) and grab a taxi to your accommodation. There are hundreds of taxis waiting outside. The average cost is 350,000IDR ($20) and takes 40-90 min depending on traffic. If you book your own taxi, ULU Yoga will refund 350,000IDR ($20) at orientation, do not pay more than this amount. 
Or you can download an app and order rides via Gojek or Grab. You should also get a local SIM card at the airport so you can use the internet. ULU Yoga also provides a free morning shuttle service from your accommodation to the yoga shala, which takes just 1-2 minutes.

There are many shops nearby, so you really don’t need to bring anything. But the essentials include: water bottle, notebook, sunscreen, sandals, water socks, sunglasses. The yoga shala has yoga mats, aerial swings, water and tea. It’s recommended to get a SIM card at the airport on arrival for good internet access. It’s cheap and then you’re always connected.

You must cancel 30 days in advance to receive a full refund of your deposit. Please pay your balance 14 days before the course starts. No refunds are issued after the course begins. If you miss the course due to illness or flight cancellation you can reschedule the date, or get credit for an online course. Refunding of accommodation varies according to the policy of each resort.

Other Popular Trainings & Retreats

ULU Yoga offers a variety of trainings and retreats in Thailand, Bali and Online. Check out these other popular ULU yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats! These courses are flexible and can be joined as a retreat. You can choose to do a few days while skipping other classes.