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Meet our Yoga Teacher Trainers

Since 2016, ULU Yoga has lead nearly 60 different teacher training courses, making us one of the fastest growing yoga schools in the world. ULU Yoga is focused on providing a creative and unique learning experience, while always honouring authentic yoga tradition. ULU houses a brilliant team of experienced yoga teachers who are dedicated to help you learn and embark on a personal journey through physical, mental, and spiritual practices.   ULU Yoga is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School and a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance (197661).  
  • Steve Colton
Edward J. Pawlak

Eddie (USA) founded ULU in 2014 while travelling the world as a yoga teacher and musician on the seek for the real depths and happiness life has to offer. His mission for self development but integrity with himself and his passions clearly paved his and the school’s path. Once he discovered Aerial Yoga after years of Power Vinyasa and Ashtangha Yoga, his dynamic variety of experiences as a university teacher and broadway musical artist lead the way. Setting up Aerial Yoga studios and revolutionizing this modern style of yoga back to the honourably tradition of yoga became his practice of dedication and devotion. He created profound techniques of presenting the art of teaching and built a definite landmark of Aerial Yoga with the unique ULUFLY Swing. This invention and his years of development of aerial yoga sequences and discoveries of asanas finally filled the gap of the former pure acrobatic practices in the market into holistic body and mind honouring movement. Aerial Yoga now became a gateway to the divine nature and tool for development of true human qualities. 
Edward Teaching Aerial Yoga at The Mae Wang Sanctuary
  • Steve Colton
Saskia B. Mahler

Manager of ULU, Lead Aerial and Philosophy Teacher 
Shashi (Germany) stepped on the path of yoga with the Studies of metaphysics, energetic concepts and philosophy more than 10 years ago. Meanwhile she is a E-RYT 500hr Hatha Yoga Teacher and a 500hr Aerial Yoga Teacher. After finishing university as a juris scholar she went travelling the world to dedicate her life to teaching and studying Philosophy and the art of Yoga. She studied with monks, psychologists and philosophers in several silent retreats in the desert of India and in the forests of the Himalayan mountains. In 2017 she found her home at ULU and eventually manages the school. Her innumerable hours of personal training with Edward made her become a expert aerial trainer and she unfolds her passions for the life changing power of Yoga with the creation of ULU‘s restorative Aerial Yoga Course and the constant refinement of the ongoing programs, which brings this power to the student. Her lighthearted personality deliver the teachings in an integrated way inviting the students to transformational and experiential knowledge of the sciences of life. 
  • Steve Colton
Viktoria Hartung 

200hr TTC Coordinator, Lead Hatha and Anatomy Teacher
Vik (Germany, Russia) is a fully qualified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (500 hrs) with a master degree in chemistry engineering. She holds certifications to practice Deep Tissue Massage, InsideYoga, Traditional Tantra Yoga and Nadi Healing Touch. Her light spirit and inexhaustible positive mindset brought her the best fortune to travel and work around the world which lead her for years to Spain and eventually she settled down in Thailand. Her deep craving for study and development of the human nature allow her teachings to reach into profound depths. Through yearlong daily practices of yoga and meditation she sharpened even more her deductive scientist mind which makes her combine experience and knowledge of the traditional medicine and traditional yoga and discover the power of holistic health approach. Her inspiring and honest character enrich ULU as a solicitous Lead Trainer of the 200hr Course.
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Alon Schmilevich

Lead Analytics Teacher at ULU‘s 200hr TTC
Alon (Israel) started his Yoga Journey in 2000 with the famous Ashtanga Master Matthew Sweeney.  After 6 years of dedicated practice he decided to return back to Israel to put himself completely into the hands of Shimon Ben Avi and follow him as a student, teacher and assistant for 5 years. To fulfil his inexhaustible thirst for the mastering of the yogic science he absolved several TTCs, Iyengar Trainings in the Himalayas and a year long Yoga Therapy Course with a scientific western approach in Israel. Meanwhile he became an alignment Master himself, which many students start following. His precision and clarity about the effects of yoga on the human body gave creation to his book "Hands on Adjustments“. His classes are empathically, framed by the most important quality of personal growth, which is an inexhaustible sense of humour. 

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Eleftheria Varsami

Aerial, Yin and Anatomy Teacher 
Ria (Greece) grew up as a passionate athlete and rock climber in Greece. Her curiosity for the functions of the human body and mind brought her a master degree in medical research and experiences as an emergency nurse in Barcelona. In 2014 her thirst for the truth brought her to India on a one way ticket. Many courses from iyengar yoga over Circus acrobatic to Thai massage later she found her self still travelling and being an empathic teacher which holds space for grace and challenge to guide the students to their true nature. Her radiant laughter invites joy and lightness into every mindset which creates life changing yoga experiences. She was lead teacher at India’s famous green yoga and organised many retreats in Bali, Korea, Australia and Europe. Meanwhile she developed a deep intuition and speciality for Yin Yoga, in which she guides to the hidden aspects of one’s self to create an healthy and confident connection with the divine truth we all carry within. 
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