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If you have been practicing Yoga for a while, you may have noticed that the number 108 appears as a significant symbol in many Eastern religions and traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It is also found in yoga, a practice based on Dharma, and is considered sacred in these ancient traditions. The number “108” is also found in ancient religions such as Buddhism and Jainism, as well as in many other dharmas and practices. In many ancient cultures, the numbers 108 are considered “sacred” because of their role in the creation of the world and their use as symbols of peace and harmony. Sources: 6, 7, 8

There are 108 spiritual sites in India, and according to yogic practice, each one has a 108 mala (pearl) on its head. Due to its use in meditation, it is considered one of the most important symbols of peace and harmony in the world and the number 108 in yoga. Sources: 8, 15

The meaning of the mystical number 108 is very open to interpretation, and it seems indeed that 108 is being ascribed more and more meaning over time. There are a number of books and articles that seem to point to the importance of numbers like 108. Malas and meditation are done, we understand why 108 is so important, but what is it that points to their importance? Sources: 5, 8, 23

Have you ever thought about doing some sun salutations in a yoga class, or maybe you have seen a poster of 108 sun salutation exercises in your yoga studio and are interested in trying it out for yourself? It can be challenging enough to practice all 108 sun salutes in one go, but how best to try it alone for the first time? Sources: 18

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you can practice different variations of the sun salutation at different times of the day. If you’re a yoga expert who prefers to walk through the sun, it’s a good idea to modify your vinyasas over time. Sources: 18

This could be a limit where the users of Kriya Yoga may only have the maximum number of 108 reps in a session. In the pranayama system, a system consists of a number and a level of pra yoga (breathing exercises) Based on techniques designed to accelerate spiritual development, the number or extent of repetition allowed in a boardroom is 108. Sources: 7, 24

If you are not used to an extended practice of repeated movements or are relatively new to yoga, it is recommended to try different lengths before trying 108. The 9 Vinyasa movements associated with the breath of sun salutation are the 9 Pranayama movements, the 3 Prasadhanas and the 8 Vinaya movements. Sources: 21, 22

If you need a refresher on proper sun greetings and alignment, visit Yoga Heights and watch this informative video. Practising 108 sun salutations may seem daunting, especially when you consider that you can make ten at most, but I want to show you how to do them. Sources: 10, 16

Inspired by one of my favourite teachers, I started practicing yoga every day for 108 days. It is easy to think of teaching a class as a yoga exercise for the day, but I appreciate my yoga exercises because they have the power to be transformative. So practice a little yoga every day and your mind will make it a regular part of your daily practice, not just one. Sources: 3, 14, 17

In yoga, it is tradition to perform 108 sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) especially during the change of seasons. The Sun Greetings are a series of yoga poses that are strung together with consistent movements that are normally found in Vinyasa Yoga. Sources: 4, 12

In the Yajurveda the sun is related to Lord Brahma’s number 9 and 108 is considered the number of the wholeness of existence. The average distance between the sun, moon and earth is 108 km, which is the same distance from sun to moon or moon to earth. Therefore, in the recitation of mantras and prayers, as in yoga, it is venerated to represent the wholeness of our existence and therefore to behave very sacred. Sources: 2, 11, 13

According to Shiva Rea, a respected mathematician in Vedic culture, 108 is considered by eminent mathematicians in Vedic culture as the number of the totality of existence. The number is considered a sacred number, but its meaning is open to interpretation. Sources: 1, 20

Whether you are singing 108 Oms or wearing a rosewood Mala bead bracelet while sipping a latte in your local coffee bar, don’t underestimate the number 108, it has great value and significance. The physical aspect of yoga focuses mainly on posture, breathing exercises and meditation, but there is a concept of 108 greetings. In fact, you can make 108 sun salutations at any time, in your bedroom, living room or even on your bedside table. There are many different types of yoga exercises, such as Yoga Yoga, Yoga Vibhavasana and Yoga Sutra, which can also be done, so do it too. 


Rewriting Of ‘What’s So Sacred About The Number 108 In Yoga?’

You may wonder what the number 108 means in yoga, and that is why it is considered so promising. For example, you may have read that people make 108 solar greetings (Surya Namaskar) and possess mala (108 pearls) at the vernal equinox. Or you read of people who make 108 Sura (Namaskingar) sun salutations in time for the Vernal equinox, or Malas (108 pearls).

Just think of the fact that 108 is the number of emergency services in India and that it is also considered one of the most sacred numbers in the Hindu religion.

The meaning of the number is open to interpretation, “says M.R. Rea, one of India’s leading yoga teachers who teaches worldwide. He notes that 108 has long been considered a sacred number in both Hinduism and yoga. There is a lot of debate about the meaning behind this number and its significance in the yoga world.

Rae notes that the 108 mala are like the other 108 pearls that spin around the planet and the sun like a guru pearl. It is used to count to 108 by repeating a mantra similar to the Catholic Rosary. To meditate on the Mala, sit comfortably with your eyes closed and use a pearl as a meditation tool, repeat the mantra and touch the pearl with your finger to complete the Mala.

When you have a mantra to practice, sing it loud and quiet, breathe a few deep breaths, make an intention and repeat it again.

When you start with the large pearl in the middle, often called the Guru pearl, count the smaller pearls in front of you. Hold Mala with your right hand over your middle index finger and count her on your left hand.

Do this until Mala has travelled all the way from the Guru Pearl to reach it again, then pull it down and pull it up again while reciting the mantra. Others cite other reasons, such as the texture of the 108 pearls, as a symbol of peace and peace in the face of adversity or as a sign of happiness.

The Mala Collective points out that some believe that there are 108 stages in the journey of the human soul, while others associate the possibility of enlightenment with inhaling only 108 breaths a day for deep meditation. Others, like MalA’s designers, teach that the number 108 symbolizes enlightenment, peace and peace of mind, and enlightenment.

The number is also related to the sun, moon and earth; the average distance between the sun and moon and the Earth’s atmosphere is 108. The mathematician 108, Rae notes that renowned mathematicians regarded the 108 of Vedic culture as the number of the wholeness that exists. Rae says a yoga mat with 108 sun salutations can offer a unique perspective on the nature of the human soul and its path to enlightenment.

Such phenomena produce many examples of ritual significance, and the sum of these parts may give us an idea of why the number 108 is sacred. Mathematicians have also found that it has an elegant divisibility in geometry that produces endless patterns. Hyperfactory 3 is that there are an infinite number of possible combinations of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The number 108 is considered spiritually significant in many traditions and is considered a symbol of everything we have gone through during our time on earth. Buddhism believes that it is a sign that people have experienced the impurity of earthly desire.

These include experiences such as arrogance, obsession and violence, and they are believed not to be free of earthly desires until they are free from suffering.

The 108 Pithas are an important pilgrimage site for members of the Shakti sect of Hinduism. These sacred sites are scattered throughout India and are located in waters believed to be permeated by the energy of a goddess.

The pithas were created from the myths of origin narrated in the Mahabharata and Brahma Purana. These legends include the birth of 108 Pitha, the birth of Shiva and the death of Vishnu, son of Shiva.

When Daksa refused to invite Shiva and Sati to the sacrifice, they came as victims to the sacrifice. Shiva became angry and killed Daksha and destroyed the victims, but not before the death of his son Vishnu.

To stop Shiva’s dance, God made Satis body disintegrate, causing body parts to fall to the ground. Those who carried their bodies on their shoulders danced in a way that threatened the cosmos, but to no avail.

Upper Upanishadic texts are considered to be of divine origin and are part of the Shruti literature. The Upanishads are a collection of texts from the Vedas, the ancient Vedic literature of India and the utopian tradition.

Scientists differ about the number of Upanishads and what constitutes them, but many believe that there are 108 ancient texts that reinforce the importance of this sacred number. The Sanskrit alphabet consists of 54 letters and is also part and meaning of numbers in yoga. Each letter in the alphabet has a masculine Shiva and a feminine Shakti energy.

The reason why the number 108 is so sacred is in the marble point, which is the interface between life force (prana) and breath. This point is probably one of the most important points in yoga and a vital force for the whole body. Traditionally, it is divided into three parts: body, mind and soul, and heart and soul.


What is So Special About the Number 108?

Yoga beach sunset
Yoga beach sunset

What is so special about the number 108? It is one of those numbers that has a lot of spiritual connotations. It represents the life force or kundalini energy. This energy is said to be constantly moving in and out of our bodies, just like the ocean.

Kundalini derives from the word kundalini, which means forceful or explosive growth. The number has been associated with spiritual growth and higher consciousness since the time of the sages. One of its significant sounds is “I am the master of all secrets.” It is an ancient symbol of the Oneness or totality of God.

The significance of the number when it comes to yoga training and spiritual growth cannot be underestimated. It is often used as a mantra, a spiritual sanyan, or in meditation. In ancient times, it was used to ward off evil spirits and to meditate. It can even be said to represent infinity.

According to popular opinion, Lord Krishna is associated with the number eight because he is the founder of yoga. However, there are many who believe that he is as much associated with Ra as he is with eight. In any case, yoga is not just about the asana or perhaps the physical exercises. It is also about achieving peace and spirituality, which are achieved through self-awareness and dedication to God.

Asana practices are part of yoga training. However, the asana or posture of the teacher plays a very important role. The teacher can be likened to the womb in which the student gives birth to the yoga system. In other words, the asana is the baby stage of yoga. The various asana and pranayama are part of the process or the evolution of yoga.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps one to achieve inner balance and spiritual growth. This is a gradual process. For beginners, yoga classes are usually a mix of physical exercises combined with breathing techniques. Eventually, the practitioner will be able to teach his or her students in detail about the various asana practices. It is during this time that the ultimate goal of yoga comes into view – wholeness.

The number has a mystical quality about it. It represents life itself. It holds more meaning for me than any number known to mankind. It holds the key to my being and my purpose in life, in fact, everything.

I invite you to discover what is so special about the number 108. You will find it very grounding and healing. Listen carefully to the sounds, see the colors, taste the aromas, touch the textures. All of these things, and more, will become clearer as you connect to your higher Self. Please visit our website by clicking on the “LEAVE NOW” button below.

Our yoga teachers are experts in the field of consciousness development and they know how to get people to focus on the quality of their lives and their asana practices. Yoga teachers are also experienced in helping students to develop their own sense of spirituality. They can guide you to align your body, mind, and spirit. This is the first step toward becoming a “Bhakti”.

The question “what is so special about the number 108?” can bring you a rich insight into the ancient teachings of yoga. (Who knew…? ), and the ancient secrets of achieving “Nirvana”. Or it can attract a steady stream of income for your yoga practice.

The number is significant because it is the basis of all yoga practices, and all the dimensions of being can be traced directly back to it! When you draw a line between the two fingers (one is a Číslo 108 je v mnoha tradicích považováno za duchovně významné a je považováno za symbol všeho, čím jsme za dobu našeho pobytu na zemi prošli.  Buddhismus věří, že je to znamení, že lidé zažili nečistotu pozemské touhy.?”. We are linking our body, our soul, and our life to the moment in time when the moon was in the symbol of reproduction (symbolizing women), the earth was in the symbol of growth (symbolizing man), and man was in the symbol of perfection (symbolizing God). That’s my favorite saying that I give at my yoga classes, “Why did you have to come to yoga, if you’re perfect, anyway? Maybe we’re just like everyone else!”

In conclusion, the answer to the question, “what is so special about the number 108?” lies in knowing that yoga is the union of our body, soul, and mind. The ancient secrets of achieving this union are revealed through asana practices. For more information about yoga and asana practices, please visit my website now.

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Ulu Contributor

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