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Join over 100 hours of live streaming classes or learn at your own pace with recorded classes.  Also do live stream teaching practice with your virtual classmates to become a confident instructor.  Our ONLINE courses are Yoga Alliance Certified.

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200 hours / 300 hours / 500 hours

ULU Yoga is one of  the only online courses providing graduates with official yoga alliance certification! 

Free Intro Class

"Introduction to Vinyasa"

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earn a 200 ryt or 500 ryt certificate

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200hr MultiStyle


was $1299.00
Yoga Alliance Certified

Examine traditional yoga asanas

Learn meditation and philosophy

Connect energetics and anatomy

Practice teaching for confidence

Become a Yoga Alliance RYT200

200hr Ashtanga


was $1299.00
Yoga Alliance Certified

Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

Beautiful Bali beach videos

100 hours of live Zoom classes

Credit applied to Bali Courses

Become a Yoga Alliance RYT200

300hr Multistyle


was $1299.00
Yoga Alliance Certified

Fine tune yoga alignment and form

Explore the fine art of sequencing

Delve deeper into ancient scripture

Study therapeutic based anatomy

Become a Yoga Alliance RYT300

500hr Multistyle


was $2299.00
Yoga Alliance Certified

Get the highest level certification

Become a respected yoga master

Work at luxury resorts and retreats

Lead your own teacher trainings

Become a Yoga Alliance RYT500

online yoga training

• Multistyle Yoga TTC
• Ashtanga Yoga TTC
• Acroyoga Course

ULU Yoga’s multistyle and ashtanga YTT courses can be completed as follows: scheduled over a period of 20-30 days via live stream Zoom classes OR keep your schedule flexible and watch our HD video modules and recordings in your free time, when convenient, and learn at your own pace.

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BOOK NOW and start your Online Yoga Teacher Training course to  become a confident RYT certified yoga instructor. Learn traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and methodology. We are one of the few online schools to offer fully accredited yoga alliance certification with a 100% online curriculum.

Join over 100 hours of live streaming classes via Zoom or watch the post video recordings in your free time and work at your own pace. You can also do live stream teaching practice with your virtual classmates to become a confident instructor.

Tuition Cash Credit:
Use the purchase of this course as a
cash credit to repeat the course in Thailand or Bali so you can enjoy aerial, acro and SUP yoga on the beach, on-location!


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Sign up and pay before end of month and get 100% certified ONLINE while options and permission lasts

  • Receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • 100hrs of live streaming Zoom classes 
  • Or watch video modules in your free time
  • Flex schedule in different time zones
  • Extended completion time granted by Yoga Alliance
  • Tuition credit to attend courses in Bali & Thai
  • Practice traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga
  • Practice teaching classmates via Zoom
  • Bonus aerial & acro yoga workshops 

You can complete the course as follows in 20-30 days via live stream Zoom classes or watch the post video recordings in your free time and work at your own pace. The schedule is flexible and subject to change. No classes on Sunday, Full Moon or New Moon.

GMT+7, Thailand

10:00  Meditation & pranayama

11:00  Hatha, vinyasa, yin

12:30  Break

14:00  Philosophy, anatomy, workshop

15:00  Analytics & methodology 

16:00  Teaching practice & exams

17:00  Break

20:00  Self-practice & study

21:00  Hatha, vinyasa, yin 

Your online tuition fee serves as credit to attend a course in Thailand and Bali. If the Thailand course is $2000, and the online course costs $500, you will only pay $1500. By attending the on-location TTC, you be able to enjoy a very special experience and classes like beach yoga, aerial yoga, acro yoga and SUP yoga, as featured in ULU Yoga pictures and videos. 

You can start the course at any time with video modules, self-practice, readings and writings. The dates below are just for the live stream.

  • September:  Confirmed
  • October:  Confirmed
  • November:  TBA
  • December:  TBA
  • January:  TBA
1)  Contact Hours: 100-150 hours
  • You will have over 100 hours of live stream classes via zoom with the other students and the instructor for guided asana practice, workshops and lectures on philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology and teaching practice. These classes are recorded so you can watch them later as well. 
2)  Non Contact Hours: 100-150 hours
  • You will teach other classmates via live stream with Zoom, record your self-practice, watch pre-recorded video modules and post live stream classes, design original classes, read assigned texts, write essays and take quizzes.
3)  Core Content
  • ULU Yoga strictly adheres to Yoga Alliance standards regarding 1) Techniques, Training, Practice 2) Anatomy & Physiology 3) Yoga Humanities 4) Professional Essentials. Check online for Yoga Alliance Core Curriculum and RYS Guidebook
4)  Teaching Materials
  • You will receive PDF’s and links to readings. Much of the content is derived from: Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, Hatha Illustrated by Martin Kirk, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.

Techniques, Training, Practice

  • Daily practice of hatha and vinyasa yoga featuring sun salutations, traditional core poses, meditation and pranayama. Daily analytics where each pose is examined in detail for correct form and alignment. Workshops include prenatal, injuries, adjustments, sequencing, more detailed meditation and pranayama. Optional video modules include aerial and acro yoga. For aerial ULU Yoga can teach you to make a tripod stand. For acro yoga you can practice with a friend.

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biomechanics of movement, principles of compression and proportion plus working with different body types. Respiratory, muscular and skeletal. The subtle energetic body of the nadis, chakras, doshas. 

Yoga Humanities

  • History, philosophy, ethics and classical texts including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita. Includes the 8 limbs, yamas, niyamas, gunas, doshas, kleshas and more.

Professional Essentials

  • Includes teaching methodology, class design, professional development and teaching practice. You will record yourself teaching 3-5 complete classes, planned in fine detail and reviewed by an instructor. You must also pass a verbal test summarising the key points of the course to ensure you have completed the lessons and comprehend the material. It’s not hard, don’t worry, we want to see what you know, not what you don’t know, because it takes years to absorb so much information.


  • Upon successfully completing this course you will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate and become a Registered Yoga Teacher and can join Yoga Alliance as an official member. 

ULU Yoga

  • Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led over 100 courses and trained thousands of students who will verify the school’s credibility. You can find many video testimonials, free classes and pomos on ULU Yoga Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Over the years ULU Yoga has grown into a big team so that each subject is taught by a trained specialist. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga to achieve Universal Love and Understanding.

Shashi Mahler 

  • Shashi (Germany) is lead ULU Aerial Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500hr Hatha-Yoga and 500hr Aerial Yoga. Shashi stepped on the path of Yoga more than 10 years ago with the passionate studies of western, yogic and buddhist philosophy. Her inexhaustible studies of metaphysical and energetical concepts, explaining the functions of the body and mind guided her to breathing and meditation techniques. Soon she came across the practice of physical yoga and found great emotional and mental relief in her daily practice. 
  • Shashi finished university and went abroad to enjoy silent retreats in nature and monasteries and study with renowned yoga masters. Based on this she created an intuitive restorative Aerial Yoga Style. The heart lead but western minded course shares the great gift of restorative Aerial yoga.  Her aim is to show the compassionate way of self-healing through the opening and acceptance of the body. Her grounded and determined personality together with her lighthearted easy laughter invites each student to more curiosity and depth within. 

Manjeet Mathur

  • Manjeet (India) started yoga and self awareness path in 2009.  He completed his 200-Hr, 300-Hr, Yoga Therapy Module 1 & 2 MultiStyle Yoga TT with Parimukti yoga in India.  He also has certifications in Meditation teacher training and Iyengar yoga. Manjeet has taught 3000+ hours in 50 plus yoga and meditation teacher trainings specialising in Hatha yoga, Meditations, Practical Yoga Philosophy, Chakras, Pranayama and more!  He has a very Human approach to Yoga and believes in personalizing practices for everyone. Emotional Awareness and making a light, playful space also are Manjeet’s speciality.  
  • His classes can range from discussions on our Shadows (related to parents, money, relationships, life experiences) to singing Mantra circles to Dance Therapy practices to blissed out Asana or Meditation sessions!  Manjeet has led Chakra retreats, Dance Yoga trainings and Yoga Sharing circles & workshops in Bali & India. He has a Calming and Grounded presence which inspires others around him to come back to Simplicity and Ease of living.  
  • His highest purpose is to keep creating Space and Peace in his daily life and invite others to also keep choosing their Higher Self, Intuition and Connectedness with all that exists.  Manjeet’s passion for Yoga has led him to becoming the face of a Modern Mystic Yogi – grounded in self practice and also embracing life and the joys it offers. He loves to motivate others through Self reflection, structured and improvised yoga poses and embodying the qualities of eastern heart and western mind balance.

Kehkashan Nadeem

  • KK (Pakistan) has 20 years of yoga experience. KK’s first yoga training was more than 1,000 hours long over a 6 month period followed by 3 months of volunteer teaching in 2001. Since then she has practiced every single day despite a busy family life with two kids. KK has completed a 500-hour Advanced YTT in Nepal, Hot Yoga TT from Absolute Yoga Academy, Advance Teaching Skills at the Yoga Expert Academy, Aerial Yoga TT at ULU Yoga & Sky Yoga Level 2 TT in Bali. 
  • After training with ULU Yoga KK became famous for bringing aerial yoga to Pakistan and is featured on the radio, TV and magazines. Since then she has led several yoga teacher trainings with ULU Yoga in Thailand and Bali. Since 2001 she has practiced every single day despite a busy family life with two kids. Each year KK attends more trainings to improve her skills in various styles. She thanks yoga for giving her such an amazing meaningful life and thanks her instructors and students for allowing her to share what she loves.
  • KK’s passion for improving oneself through yoga is infectious. She is a master at taking you through the paces, drawing connections between poses, giving you the confidence to try tricky things & get into advanced poses eventually. She is tough when one needs to be challenged, & compassionate as she tailors poses to suit one’s capabilities, taking time to discuss students’ health & introduce them to pranayama & meditation, determined to take one deeper into the sublime joyride that is yoga.

Dr Kalpana Karia

  • Since the age of nine Kalpana Karia started learning yoga from her father Dhanjibhai Khagram there after the age of 18 she went to London for her further studies in Radiology she always went to many yoga classes in London. After completing her studies in London she went to India In Rishikesh and took an intensive yoga teachers training course at Sivananda Ashram.
  • Yoga has always been her passion and she never stopped studying to update her knowledge up to today from 1982 to 1986 she did a television series teaching yoga on the local Kenyan television and published her first book YOGA FOR HEALTH which was based on her TV series. In 1997 she was appointed as the director for East African studies by the british school of Yoga she taught Yoga voluntarily and trained many teachers 
  • In 2010 she had a major car accident which was very traumatic but she revived herself through yoga and started teaching again in 2014. After meeting the PM of India Narendra Modi who encouraged her to write the second edition of her book in 2017 she wrote and published  her second edition YOGA FOR HEALTH wisdom and harmony. 
  • She has also received many awards for her presentations at international Yoga conferences around the world. In 2017 she was appointed as the director for East African studies by the international Federation of yoga professionals in New Delhi presently she conducts voluntary classes and teachers training courses in her hometown Kisumu, Kenya. Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi.


200 / 300 / 500 HOURS



Yoga Alliance Certified