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‘Self-Love Is An Important Life Lesson’

The teachings of yoga are very self-centered: we deserve love and affection, just like everyone else in the universe, but for that, we need more than self-love. Our love is based on spiritual truth: if we love ourselves and each other completely, we can love others. Therefore, we should love ourselves, not because our ego asks us so often, “Why should I love you?” but because the only true answer to the question the ego asks us is to ask ourselves again and again. . Loving ourselves means feeling love and joy, warmth and acceptance in every moment, and it is also the way that we move our bodies, the way that we speak our words, the way that we think our thoughts.

We have so much time for compassion for our weaknesses and fears, and negative aspects of ourselves are only part of being human. We are born innocent and curious about everything and afraid of nothing. It is the experience of trauma in our lives that causes fear and vulnerability in us, but it is also part of our nature as human beings.

We can use yoga, mantras and meditation to see who we are, and cultivate a love for ourselves and help others do the same so that we can see each other for what they are, both as spiritual beings and as physical bodies riding the roller coaster called life. We can live in peace and harmony with ourselves, with others and with the world around us, even amid trauma.

Mantras that are specifically designed to cultivate self-love are great for creating a permanent groove in our minds and hearts. That groove tells us that we are beautiful and lovable enough, just like we are, and that’s enough to say, “Hey, how do I cultivate more self-love? The effective way is through the profound practice of mantras and meditation. Spend a little time every day practicing mantras to prepare for it, and you will learn to be naturally lovable. You will also see in everyone you meet the same love and that love will work wonders for you.

When one repeats mantras, one changes one’s brain and state of consciousness, and eventually, the mind becomes a beautiful garden of loving thoughts. Mantras are a remedy for the mind, and the more you do this, the better the seeds grow. If you still drive your mind with mantra meditation, open yourself to the fact that the mantra plants its seeds in your consciousness.

The power of the mantra lies in planting its seeds in your mind, not in any other part of your brain, but all parts of it.

No one on this planet is as tormented as you, no one will ever have the same life story as you. You are a collection of unique talents, and only you have something special to offer the world that no one but you have. What makes you unique is the fact that you

are made unique by your unique nature, your uniqueness as a human being, and not by any other person on the planet.

To truly understand the truth of your heart, you must first appreciate the beauty of others around you. These three mantras explore the feelings and knowledge that anchor you in a deep state of consciousness.

These mantras open your consciousness to the true essence of who you are, and your true being is love and joy. You are the source of strength, love, joy and everything that is in you, not only in your body but in the world around you and within yourself.

Let these mantras dive in as you prepare to sit down for meditation, and repeat them over and over again, depending on what is resonating with you. Some days you may prefer to repeat the mantra in other ways, such as in the form of a song, a song or a song of your choice.

Listen to what you want, let your soul be your guide and be whole as you are, but with a little self-confidence and compassion.

You don’t have to take anything away from you or add anything, but a little more love for yourself and yourself – love.

In time, you will come to rest in a state of inner knowledge and self – love – and build on it by meditating on your mantra for a few minutes a day.

It only takes a tiny change in the way you see yourself to live in a state of pure love, and over time you will understand how complete and complete you are. When you repeat the Aham Brahmasmi mantra, allow the repetition to lead you into an expanded state of consciousness. You are on this planet to express all aspects of the love that exists within you. Repeating the wrong premise can in some cases lead to confusion, anxiety, depression, and even death. The mantra of love unleashes a kind, open and generous heart and changes the way we see ourselves on a profound level. It changes us from a state of deep consciousness to a way of seeing ourselves deeper, deeper and with a greater sense of self – love.

The poet Tagore wrote: “Love is the only truth that lies in the heart of all creation. This mantra leads us to our true self, the source of divine love, and as a crowning, we receive a beautiful set of Mala pearls. We can repeat this mantra whenever we sit down and connect love with the qualities of the true spirit.

Mandy Ballard

Mandy Ballard

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