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Steps To Become A Yoga Teacher: Start Your Journey Today!

Becoming a certified Yoga instructor can be a rewarding career that lets you balance what you love while making income and helping others lead healthier, relaxing and balanced lifestyles. The journey to becoming certified in Yoga can be long-term or short, depending on how you pace it with your current schedule and obligations. Here are the 5 steps to becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, starting today.

Stand up paddle boarding yoga is a little different to yoga on dry land. On land, the floor is flat and doesn’t move around so it’s far easier to focus and balance. On SUP you have to keep the board balance or you’ll fall in the water. Before you start, get your balance right. You should stand over the center of the board and keep your weight distributed evenly at all times. If you shift your weight, you’ll lose your balance. You may find yourself in the water more times than you want to be when you first start, but the more you practice, the easier it will be to stay balanced. ???????.???

The First 5 Steps to Become a Yoga Teacher

Step 1:  Before actually becoming a yoga teacher there are a few steps needed to tackle in regards to personal preparation, and the first thing to do is complete an official certification process. Ideally before getting certified, you should start practising yoga as a way of personal discipline and become familiar with the practice as a whole. I say this because it would be pretty difficult to passionately teach someone all of the knowledge you’ve acquired, if you haven’t yet personally sunk your hooks into what yoga means to you. In doing so, you will not only help you to increase your strength and flexibility while developing a new healthier way to stay in shape, but you will gain an immense amount of new perspective along the way. Once you embark on any YTT course, whether you still consider yourself a beginner or not, you will be taking a leap into deepening your knowledge and will be showing yourself and the rest of the yoga world that you are serious about your new vocation.
Step 2:  Train for Certification Your training should begin with practising Yoga daily and learning to work with all the different aspects of the body. It is also important to practice mindfulness and be sure to practice a routine that incorporates the different components of Ulu Yoga

Step 3:  Choose a specialty

There are several yoga practices.  For example hatha yoga focuses on postures and meditation, Ashtanga on dynamism and Kundalini yoga is geared towards the mysterious energy of “shakti”.  You will then have to choose from among the yoga specialties, the one that best suits your personality.  The options are numerous: Hatha yoga, Mantra yoga, Kundalini yoga, Raja yoga, Japa yoga, Laya yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Shiva yoga…

Step 4:  Choose a program that suits you and pursue it with passion! 

You should choose a program officially recognized by the Yoga Alliance, the internationally recognized education and accreditation organization that has established a system of requirements for teachers and schools. There are many teacher training programs available around the world, which offer certification in a wide range of styles and traditions of yoga, through RYT 200.

How can you become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance?  Anyone who has completed a Yoga Teacher Training Program with Registered Yoga School (RYS) can apply for RYT certification. There are several levels of certification for RYTs, depending on the number of training hours completed. Most people typically start their yoga teacher journey by taking a 200-hour RYS teacher training course. There are many programs available, depending on yoga style or tradition, logistics (part-time, intensive full-time, local or overseas) and cost.

Step 5:  Getting a Yoga Teacher Diploma is just the first step on a long journey of lifelong learning. Your diploma is a basis, a starting point, it is then up to you to train yourself throughout your life by following courses, internships, workshops …

You should build, little by little, your group of students and your community and skillfully balance your enthusiasm and your patience to be able to get started optimally in your new career.

Do you feel overwhelmed? The overwhelming stuff doesn’t need to go away, in fact most of it can’t, that’s just our daily life responsibilities! But when we can improve is ourselves! ???????.???

The Basic Requirements

Before you can become a practicing Yoga instructor, you have to earn your Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credential from (depending on the coursework you chose) from an Yoga Alliance RYS Certified school. Generally speaking, RYT-200 certification qualifies you to teach yoga in any yoga studio.

Advanced Training and Certification
Many folks soon realize after achieving their RYT200, that completing an additional 300 hours course will qualify them for advanced training certification. Once you have successfully passed and graduated from a 300-hour yoga teacher training course, you immediately become eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT-500. 

ULU Yoga is a Yoga Alliance certified school offering one of the world’s best YTT programs that money can buy. If you’re looking for a very authentic, genuine and human-centric focused course, ULU delivers exactly that and has been in the education business for more than 10 years. The organization provides a network of teachers and

boasts an extremely inclusive yoga community filled with amazing graduates and incredibly wonderful people from all walks of life.

 When we see others doing amazing things, we have a choice: we can compare ourselves to them or be inspired to find our own greatness.

Comparing ourselves to past versions of ourselves is a way to measure our growth and see where we want to make adjustments and continue to work. Comparing ourselves to others is a way to bring up feelings of inadequacy. We are all gifted in our own unique ways so go out and share your gifts with the world.

~ ???????.???

What to do after you’ve finished the course

2. Complete your Yoga Alliance (RYT) certification with a reputable school that offers either a  200-hour yoga teacher training course, a  300-hour yoga teacher training course or a combination of both; 500-hour yoga teacher training course. Any of these courses usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. and must be held in a recognized yoga school or studio that holds the RYS Yoga licensing. Since the pandemic of Covid-19, Online Yoga Teacher Training courses are now a very effective and efficient option for many people who were or still are unable to attend location-based courses. One of the best internationally recognized Online YTT courses can be found here: Online Yoga Teacher Training

3. You will need to take an exam to get your certification. The course must have five major components: a concentration in Yoga Science, a basic philosophy of Yoga, reading and writing component and a series of practice sessions.

4. An official certificate is issued to the trainee after passing the exam, which will have at least 70% passing marks

5. After graduation, even though you will officially receive a diploma and can begin teaching, it is recommended to continue reviewing your theory from the course and regularly practice yoga and all that you have learned from the course.

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Becoming a certified Yoga teacher is just the beginning of a life-changing experience, that is an adventurous journey to your healthier and happier life. If you are interested in being a certified Yoga teacher you can check out some amazing courses here.



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