7 Day / 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training (Aerial)

How to Become a Yoga Instructor in Koh Phangan,Thailand


Learn how to fly and spread the joy of finding the inner bird to others with our 7 day / 50-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course. This course is the perfect place for you if you would like to become an aerial yoga instructor or if you are looking for a fun yoga retreat in paradise. ULU Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga with physical therapy and acrobatics to create a challenging and fun practice for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Learn traditional Aerial Hatha and Aerial Vinyasa yoga. Explore dynamic workshops mixing aerial with acro yoga and restorative yoga. Cure back pain with spinal traction and inversions. Do an aerial photo shoot on the beach and take amazing pictures flying over the ocean. Train with ULU Yoga's amazing cushioned aerial swings and regular aerial hammocks.

Join us on a magical tropical island for a life changing experience!

What You Will Learn   (In-Person + Online Studies)

Each morning you will receive a guided aerial yoga practice with a senior instructor. Some classes use the cushioned ULU Yoga Airswing, some classes use regular aerial hammocks. These classes are rooted in traditional hatha vinyasa yoga, synching breath with flow, and follow carefully designed sequences, which have developed over many years based on the feedback of thousands of students. 

During this class you will examine aerial asanas one by one in detail, following the 100 page teacher training manual. You will study from the training manual. The instructor will guide you through a few poses and then you will practice teaching those same poses with a partner. Every 10 minutes or so this is repeated, for several days, until you have mastered all the basic poses. You will learn about safe practice, alignment, transitions, common mistakes, adjustments, plus beginner and advanced variations. 

Each day there is a special workshop. Aerial Acro uses swings to suspend flyers to easily achieve acro yoga poses. This is a fun playful class to help unite the group, teach you about bone stacking and alignment. Restorative Aerial uses physical therapy techniques to decompress the spine and relieve back pain. Generally you hold poses for longer lengths of time to release stress. One day you will do aerial on the beach and take amazing pictures flying over the water with bamboo tripods. 

Most people just take this course for fun or to deepen their self practice, but teaching is a great way to learn and connect with others. Each day you will practice teaching in small groups, plus take turns leading the whole class. You will learn teaching skills, cueing, sequencing and lesson planning. You will design a 75min original class and teach it 1-1 with a partner. Receive detailed feedback and become a confident instructor.

Because of limited time ULU Yoga gives you access to the complete online course where you can receive more in depth Anatomy and Philosophy studies. These studies are completely optional. The onsite anatomy class focusses on the construction of the spine, compression and decompression, the root causes of pain and aerial techniques to cure it. The online classes go more in depth into naming of the bones, muscles, joints, bodily systems and mobility. You also receive a short intro to yoga philosophy.

In-Person Study Schedule

  • 6:45  Morning Aerial Practice
  • 9:15  Breakfast (included)
  • 10:00  Asanas
  • 12:30  Lunch (additional)
  • 13:00  Beach, SUP Yoga (included)
  • 15:00  Aerial acro/restorative
  • 16:30  Evening Aerial Practice
  • 18:00  Dinner (additional)
  • 19:00  Sauna (1x included)
  • 6:30 Beach aerial photoshoot
  • 9:15 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Closing Ceremony

50 hour Yoga Teacher Training - Get YACEP Certified in Thailand

Highlights & Overview

Reservation Deposit : Only $199!

Build your yoga career or deepen your practice and knowledge with this 50 hour Aerial YTT Course

Become a certified yoga teacher in Training

The prices listed here include a $200 early bird discount, which is good for any 2023 training booked before Jan 31, 2024.

The Course Details

50hr Aerial Yoga Teacher training includes both on-site training and partial online training

Training in Thailand:

Online Studies:

As a special bonus you will receive the complete 50 hours online course. The onsite training has limited time for anatomy. The online classes allow you to go deeper into this more difficult modality. These studies are completely optional. But if you miss some onsite hours, you can do additional online studies as make up.

Skill Level:


Dates (2023-2024)

Package Options:

Early Bird Prices

The prices listed here include a $200 early bird discount, which is good for any 2023 training booked before Jan 31, 2024.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel 2 weeks in advance to receive a full refund. After that your deposit is non refundable. You should pay your balance 2 weeks before the course starts. If you miss the course due to illness or flight cancelation you can reschedule the date, or get credit for an online course. Accommodation may or may not be accredited, depending which resort you choose and how much notice you give.

  • Monday to Sunday :
     – Hatha Vinyasa Practice – 1pm (13:00) – 2pm (14:00)
    Q&A All Topics – 6pm (18:00) – 8pm (20:00)
  • GMT +7 (Subject to change)


Packages with accommodation include a delicious vegan smoothie bowl for breakfast with fresh tropical fruit, coconut yogurt and mixed toppings. For lunch and dinner (average $6 per meal) you can eat at the resort or go out with the ULU Yoga team who will encourage, but not force you to make healthy choices 😉 There are many wonderful local markets, beach bars and boutique cafes to explore including: Loco’s Pizza, Pura Vida, Bubba’s Roastery, Big Mountain, Taboon, Sea Tara, Karma Cafe, Eat Co., Sati Pot, Alcove and Chana Masala

Beach & Fun

Each week you can attend an amazing ecstatic dance, a highly liberating experience, which encourages you to bloom with uninhibited self-expression. Combine this with yoga and your body will experience a total rebirth of dynamic movement and liberation.

Yoga Shala

The exact location and conditions of the ULU Yoga shala are also ideal for several reasons. It is a 5min walk uphill from the beach, has tinted sliding glass windows, a solar reflective roof and many fans. You don’t want a shala right on the beach, it’s too hot and the weather can be very intense and unpredictable. Shalas with only screens or plastic roll drops do not provide full coverage and are always breaking down. Open air shalas are the worst and full of mosquitos. You don’t want a shala too far from the beach either, the roads are very dangerous even for experienced riders and taxis can be hard to find and expensive.

RYT Certificate

Since 2014 ULU Yoga has certified over a thousand new instructors and is a 200/300/500-hour registered school with Yoga Alliance ID 198078. After completing this course you will receive a 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, which Yoga Alliance members can log as Additional Training / Continuing Education. This is the highest level certification for aerial yoga and ULU Yoga graduates teach all over the world.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Generally speaking, Koh Phangan is a magical bohemian island with endless pristine beaches, lush green nature, mountains and waterfalls. Unlike Koh Samui or Phuket, there are no big crowds, traffic, pollution, shopping malls or airports, but it still has modern conveniences and everything you need. Koh Phangan is famous for crazy parties, but that is in the far south. ULU Yoga is in the north west Sri Thanu / Haad Yao region where all the other yoga and wellness centers are located. Ask anyone who has traveled here, it's an absolute gem.


You can stay onsite at the serene Bounty Resort, or just pay tuition and stay next door at Haad Son Resort or Hi Life Bungalows, which have more upscale accommodation. Bounty Resort has Deluxe sea view rooms with large balconies, tv and fridge. Family rooms are similar plus have two beds. Wooden sea view (a.c.) have comfy hammocks with great ocean views. Superior garden & sea view rooms (a.c.) are more modern with partial sea view balconies. Shared rooms (a.c.) are similar and have two beds. All rooms have wi-fi, private bathroom, towels, toiletries and tea kettle. The resort also has a great restaurant, swimming pool, laundry service, ATM, motorbike rental, taxi, travel and tour assistance.


ULU Yoga seriously has one of the best locations in Thailand. You are just 5 min walk from three incredible beaches. Bounty Resort has its own small private beach, which is totally undeveloped and natural. To the left is serene Secret Beach which has great swimming, shady trees and just one resort, which is incredibly magical at night. To the right is Haad Yao beach, which is long and wide with many resorts, live music, dance and activities.

Aerial Swing/ Hammock

ULU Yoga does not just use the same generic hammocks like everyone else. They created their own amazing padded swing, which allows you to practice with a higher level of comfort, control and precision. The ULU Airswing is made with strong waterproof Gortex fabric and has a yoga mat cushion sewn inside, which you can easily adjust for various poses and body types. This unique design allows you to explore incredible new workshops and techniques mixing acro and restorative therapy. You will also have workshops with regular hammocks.


This course includes 1 free entry to the mystical night sauna. Purge your body of toxins in the hot sauna then rejuvenate with an ice bath Boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and relieve stress. Chant kirtan around the bonfire gazing up at the stars and enjoy mystical sound healing.



Over the years ULU Yoga has grown into a big family with master instructors from around the world who have lifetimes of experience leading teacher training courses. ULU Yoga also houses many instructors from other schools on Koh Phangan because we pay them better and treat them better. Doing your YTT with ULU means you're also supporting the instructors at a higher level, so that they can continue to deliver the best possible training and experience.

You will be taught and guided by: :
Cody Pizer (South Africa, E-500 RYT), who has over 3000 hours experience leading yoga teacher training. Cody is a dynamic free spirit who loves all styles of yoga and movement. He is an expert of vinyasa, meditation, philosophy and anatomy. Cody is joined by several more master instructors to provide you with the highest possible quality training
>>> Online classes also feature :
• Edward Pawlak
• Minty Nguyen

Daily Schedule

Sunday (day 1)

  • 13:00 Check in
  • 17:30 Orientation


  • 7:00  Aerial yoga practice
  • 9:15  Breakfast
  • 10:00 Intro to aerial
  • 11:00 Aerial Asanas
  • 12:30 Free time
  • 15:00 Aerial acro workshop
  • 17:30 Free time


  • 7:00  Aerial yoga practice
  • 9:15  Breakfast
  • 10:00 Anatomy
  • 11:00  Aerial Asanas
  • 12:30 Free time
  • 15:00 Partner aerial
  • 17:30 Free time


  • 7:00  Aerial yoga practice
  • 9:15  Breakfast
  • 10:00 Teaching methodology
  • 11:00 Aerial Asanas
  • 12:30 Free time
  • 15:00 Restorative aerial
  • 17:30 Finish


  • 7:00  Aerial yoga practice
  • 9:15  Breakfast
  • 10:00 Class design
  • 11:00  Aerial Asanas
  • 12:30 Free time
  • 15:00 Teaching practice
  • 17:30 Finish


  • 7:00  Teaching practicum 1
  • 9:15  Breakfast
  • 10:00 Feedback 
  • 11:00  Aerial massage
  • 12:30 Free time
  • 15:00 Teaching practicum 2
  • 17:30 Free time

Saturday (last day)

  • 7:00  Beach aerial yoga
  • 9:15 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Closing Ceremony

Reviews & Testimonials


"The most breathtaking and life-changing experience of my life! I started with the 50-Hr aerial teacher training, but soon the wonderful people of this yoga teacher training program healed my soul and I couldn’t believe it but the magic was operating. I had to extend my plans in order to enroll and complete the full 200-Hr TTC, and that was the best decision! Thank you endlessly for creating this opportunity for us! ULU Yoga isn’t only gonna give you the ability to become a multi style yoga teacher but they hand you the key to love in abundance! They’ve changed me and the way I perceive life and its surroundings! No money in the world can pay off what ULU Yoga and they’re wonderful teachers have given to me!"

Christina Stempfel


"Highly recommended! Nothing but good things to say about this whole experience. I booked the ULU Yoga TTC and 5 stars all the way!! I will also probably enroll in the 100hr Online Ashtanga course for next month. :)"

Thomas Mecha


Best decision I ever made. I chose to do my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ulu Yoga because of the variety of styles they offer. Learning aerial & acro (alongside Hatha, vinyasa and yin) was so much fun! Aerial is my absolute favorite, I even ended up adding on my 50 hour Aerial Training with Ulu! I gained all the confidence and skills needed to successfully teach classes! I learned from knowledgeable teachers & I made friends with people from all over the world! I highly recommend Ulu!

Kaiti Brauer

United States (USA)

I had the best experience with Ulu! The setting was on an island in Thailand- the resort was right next to the beach, and the weather was beautiful!!! There was a breakfast buffet everyday, which was amazing. And the beach (Haad Yao) was so picturesque. There were several instructors, and they were all amazing and knowledgeable! I loved how they put an emphasis on safety and how the poses are for each person's body. The course was a lot more intense than I had anticipated- but you learn a lot, and you get a lot of teaching practice. I took the 200hr multi-style course, so I had the pleasure of experiencing SUP yoga (on a paddle-board), acroyoga, aerial yoga, yin, hatha, vinyasa, and even a taste of ashtanga.

Emmy Nelson

United Kingdom

I've just completed my 200 hours and had an absolutely amazing experience. The amount of care and support I received with my colleagues was beyond my expectations. Edward was extremely accommodating, taking care in such a productive way to make sure I had a safe and positive experience. He helped me find my footing in Koh Phangan and offered recommendations as well as an amazing introduction to aerial yoga. Shashi gave 110% of herself to every session even after an unfortunate injury (non-yoga related). She seamlessly stitched things together for us with additional workshops and opportunities to keep the focus on growth and development which was absolutely well done and inspiring.

Tamia Hasan


"Omg... the most caring yoga instructors!!! Everything was positive. I love the teachers, they are very experienced and encouraging. I love the classroom we were assigned to. I learned a lot in a short period of time. It was a good balance between learning and fun. I love the food. Ulu yoga is so knowledgable, experiences, loving and creative!! I used to think that good reviews are lies, but now I am writing one. lol :)"

Sin Nga Krisophia Pang

Hong Kong
YTT Certificate

When you become a registered yoga teacher with ULU, we’re committed to your success.

Our commitment goes beyond certification and includes ongoing support, guidance, tools and feedback so you always have the best resources for a successful teaching career and yoga journey.

This course takes place at Bounty Resort, 85/1 Moo 8, Haad Yao, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand..

For Travel Info ULU Yoga is happy to assist your travel arrangements. Please contact us to help reserving ferry, taxis, or whatever else you need. You can also visit the ‘ferry Samui’ website, which has very detailed info for travel and booking all over Thailand. Plan to fly into Bangkok early morning to streamline connecting flights and ferries to Koh Phangan all in one day.

From Bangkok, take a flight to Koh Samui Airport (1-hour, $100-150), then take a ferry to Koh Phangan (30-minute, 400 THB), then take a taxi to Bounty Resort (20-minute, 200-300 THB). A cheaper option is from Bangkok, take a flight to Surat Thani Airport (1-hour, $40- 60), then take a bus and ferry to Koh Phangan (4.5-hour, 470 THB), then take a taxi to Bounty Resort (20-minute, 200-300 THB).

ULU Yoga provides aerial swings, yoga mats, printed manuals and drinking water. You should also buy a SIM card at the airport or 7/11 for good data connection.  (Check with your local Thai embassy for updated travel and visa info regarding COVID-19.)

Thanks for your interest in ULU Yoga! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our cherished students! 



The ULU Yoga Family
Email: info@uluyoga.com
Tel. /WhatsApp/Telegram : +66 93 613 8035
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube: @uluyoga
Web: www.uluyoga.com

As of May 5th 2023, the head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has declared “with great hope” an end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency. Effectively ending the far-reaching concern and implication of Covid-19 restrictions.

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