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Since 2014, ULU Yoga has lead over 100 yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats around the world, producing hundreds of successful new instructors. ULU Yoga teaches traditional hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, aerial, acro and sup yoga, plus created the wonderful ULU Fly Swing, which is an international success. The key to ULU Yoga’s growth has been a mix of creative innovation and dynamic variety styles supported by an inspiring team of master instructors who balance technical skill with sacred wisdom and personalized care. Nurturing student relations with private interviews and group sharing allows the school to reflect upon feedback and implement changes to continuously improve quality and satisfaction. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga as a path to truth, health and happiness. ULU Yoga is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School and a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance (197661).



Minh-Tam ‘Minty’ Nguyen

YTT Instructor  | Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial

Minh-Tam ‘Minty’ Nguyen (USA) has been teaching with ULU Yoga for several years. She is a lead instructor of aerial, vinyasa and SUP yoga. Minty is Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 400-hour Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. Minty’s passion to share happiness and health lead her down the path of healing. She further advanced her skills with certifications in Reiki II, craniosacral therapy, EFT therapy, tantric massage therapy and osteopathic yoga alignment. Minty teaches to inspire students to find their best selves, to understand and build connections between the mind, body and spirit. The school is blessed by her bright spirit, quirky humor and soothing grace.

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Manjeet Mathur

YTT Instructor  | Hatha, Philosophy, Meditation

Manjeet (India) started yoga and self awareness path in 2009. He completed his 200-Hr, 300-Hr, Yoga Therapy Module 1 & 2 MultiStyle Yoga TT with Parimukti yoga in India. He also has certifications in Meditation teacher training and Iyengar yoga. Manjeet has taught 3000+ hours in 50 plus yoga and meditation teacher trainings specializing in Hatha yoga, Traditional Tantra Yoga, Dynamic Meditation, Chakra Awakening, Pranayama and Somatic Breathwork, Advanced Philosophical Studies. Manjeet has a very Human approach to Yoga and believes in personalizing practices for everyone. Emotional Awareness and making a light, playful space also are Manjeet’s speciality. His classes can range from discussions on our Shadows (related to parents, money, relationships, life experiences) to singing Mantra circles to Dance Therapy practices.


Eddie J. Pawlak

Creator of ULU Yoga | Aerial Yoga, Partner Yoga, Business Essentials

Eddie (USA) began his yoga journey in 2007, completing Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India, plus trainings in Vinyasa yoga, Traditional Thai Massage, Tai Chi, Buddhist Meditation, Aerial Yoga and Contact Improv. Before yoga, Eddie taught education at several universities, completing graduate work in International Studies. He also worked in music theater technical production, recording several albums. In 2010 Eddie abandoned his academic career and spent several years traveling the world pursuing yoga and spirituality intensively, working and volunteering at wellness centers, resorts, permaculture farms and Buddhist monasteries. In 2014 Eddie discovered his true calling, combining everything he loved to create ULU Yoga, who has led hundreds of Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats, and certified thousands of new instructors.

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Héloïse Chong

YTT Instructor  | Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative

Héloïse has been teaching yoga since 2013 and has been dedicating the last 6 years to following her heart, and deepening her own practice in the Himalayas, Thailand and Bali. She’s a certified Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga teacher and has completed additional training on the Chakra System, Thai massage, SUP yoga, Aerial Yoga and multiple modalities of emotional and energetic healing. Héloïse believes that yoga is a tool that can be used for self-healing, and purification of mind, body and soul, as well as a path back to your true self. She has taught globally, from yoga studios to corporate classes for companies like Google, Lululemon and UBS. As well as, hotels, such as the Four Seasons, to 150-300 people at Yoga Wellness Festival. Héloïse’s passion lies in helping and supporting others through their journeys back to their hearts and true selves.

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Leila Friedman

YTT Instructor  | Vinyasa, Yin, Trauma, Reiki

Leila Friedman (Swiss) has a rich dynamic range of life experience and skills to share. She grew up traveling the world as a fashion model, actress and TV host in South Africa, Egypt, Patagonia, Hawaii, China, Switzerland, Turkey, and Bali. In 2011 she began teaching yoga. Leila completed teacher trainings in ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, pre- and post natal, yin yoga, yoga nidra, kids yoga, and Buddhist meditation. She has studied with celebrated teachers such as Jim Harrington, Ana Forrest, Ashley Turner, and Lhasrampa Tenzin Kalden. Leila is a certified Holistic Health Coach, NLP life coach, Human Design Reader, Level 4 Heart Centered Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Advanced Chakra Healing Practitioner, and a Raw Vegan Dessert Chef.

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Nathalie Gerwerc

YTT Instructor  | Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative

Natie completed Hatha Yoga training in Brazil, Multi-style Yoga in India and Aerial Yoga in Bali. Her search for freedom lead her to start travelling the world at age 18, living and learning from different cultures and teaching yoga in different countries. Her journey took her deeper into Reiki II, female embodiment practices along with other techniques. For the past 5 years she has been fully dedicated to intense training on release work. She has understood that we are the ones able to free ourselves from our own limitations. This wisdom has fuelled her to assist others on their journeys.

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Matthew lloyd

Matthew Lloyd 'Lloydie'

YTT Instructor | Acroyoga, Yoga Anatomy, Yin Yoga

Lloydie is a beloved instructor of Acroyoga, Yin yoga and Anatomy. His classes are highly engaging and one of the highlights of ULU Yoga teacher trainings. Lloydie is certified under Yoga Alliance 200hr multi style yoga, and 200hr Acroyoga. He also completed ice bath and breath work facilitating, and previously studied Sports Science at University. Lloydie has a background in track and field, football, and was a professional Firefighter for 18yrs in London. Lloydie’s passion is to help people combine a love for movement and exercise with safe and sustainable practices that promote vitality in their lives.

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Cody Gavin Pizer

YTT Instructor  | Vinyasa, Aerial, Anatomy 

Cody loves to motivate others through Yoga, movement and philosophy. He started yoga in 2010 and is Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 in Multistyle Yoga with additional certifications in Aerial and SUP Yoga. Cody has been teaching with ULU Yoga for several years on multiple teacher trainings in Thailand and Bali, as well as lead retreats for mixed movement arts in India, Malaysia and Cambodia. He specialises in vinyasa flow, anatomy and meditation. He has written books on mindfulness and leads courses on finding your flow through meditation. 

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Seth Hartley

Seth Hartley

YTT Instructor  |  AcroYoga 

Seth Hartley (USA) is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified RYT who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. He has a background in competitive gymnastics from a very young age, and a passion for movement of all forms. Seth discovered AcroYoga 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with the playfulness and the inner child spirit that it brought out of him. He was certified as an AcroYoga fitness instructor with the intention of safely sharing the trust, connection, strength, balance and communication that this partner movement modality brings to the world. His focus is on helping others understand proper body alignment to sustain a long, healthy and injury-free practice, while of course having as much fun as possible in the process 🙂
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Janine Behrendt

YTT Instructor  | Trimurti Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Insight Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Janine’s Yoga journey started in 2008 and completed trainings in Trimurti Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Insight Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She has instructed on dozens of Yoga Teacher Trainings focussing on the Yin Yoga method and Alignment & Adjustments for Yang Yoga, the art of teaching and sequencing. Having been a gymnast and professional dancer since early childhood, Yoga was her gateway into recovering the physical body from aesthetically demanding postures. Janine believes that Yoga is for everyone and should be taught in an inclusive way with a down-to-earth approach. Her teachings are integrative and go beyond the practice of Asana. She incorporates Yoga philosophy as well as the practice of Bhakti (mantra). She feels it is her dharma to support people on that path of finding their truth and living from a place of truth, which allows for liberation and freedom!
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So Lena Boon

YTT  | Yin, Vinyasa, Sound Healing

Lena is a Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 200-Hour specializing in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Her passion for finding joy in the little moments of every day and using life as a classroom for learning shines through in her approach to her practice and teachings – often lighthearted, dynamic, fluid and fun, with respect to each individual’s unique journey. Lena’s mission is to help guide others into finding a deeper connection within themselves on and off the mat. She loves curating and experiences, from meditative sound journeys to women’s circles to holistic wellness retreats across Thailand. 
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Saskia B. Mahler

YTT Instructor  |  Multistyle, Aerial and Philosophy

Shashi Mahler (Germany) is certified RYT 500h Hatha Yoga & 500h Aerial Yoga instructor at ULU Yoga. After law school Shashi did several years of intensive trainings and retreats in the deserts of India, Himalayan mountains and Thailand jungles to study yoga, metaphysics, energetics and philosophy with acclaimed psychologists, famous gurus and even the Dalai Lama himself. Shashi unfolds her passions for the life changing power of Yoga with the creation of Aerial Restorative and Aerial Prenatal courses. Her fiery passion and infectious laughter are a transformative inspiration.

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Janaina Mendes

YTT Instructor  | Hatha, Yin, Philosophy 

Janina’s (Brazil, E-500 RYT) teachings focus on correct and safe alignment of hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga. She empowers students to look inwards and expand their perception. With her warm and giving nature, Janaina’s intention is to create a space where students can develop a deep connection and understanding of themselves through a journey of love and compassion. She is passionate about combining different bodily expressions and practices with the awareness and wisdom of Yoga, as she perceives the body as a vehicle for deep revelations and revolutions. Other qualifications incl. AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga, Thai Massage, Water Therapy & Reiki. She also volunteers for social projects to help bring Yoga teachings to those in need.

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Kehkashan Nadeem

YTT Instructor  | Vinyasa, Aerial, Philosophy

Kehkashan (Pakistan) has 20 years of yoga experience. She completed a 500-hour Advanced YTT in Nepal, plus several other courses including a 6 month long intensive training at the Institute of Classical Yoga Pakistan. She has additional certifications in Hot Yoga TT, Advance Teaching Skills at the Yoga Expert Academy, Aerial Yoga TT at ULU Yoga & Level 2 TT in Bali. Kehkeh’s commitment to practice allowed her to be the first to bring Aerial Yoga to Pakistan, which very soon after gained a lot of popularity. She is now a lead instructor for ULU Yoga teacher training courses in Bali and Thailand. Her passion for improving oneself through yoga is infectious. She is a master at taking you through the paces, drawing connections between poses, giving you confidence to get into advanced poses.

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Salome Heinicke

YTT Instructor  | Ashtanga, Acro, Anatomy 

Salome Heinicke is ULU’s Ashtanga teacher. She is 500hrs certified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. 5 years ago she went to her first Anusara and Ashtanga classes, but soon noticed the benefits for her mind and body in a morning self practice. After her Masters in Molecular Bioscience she decided to go and discover her true passions. More than once she met people practicing Ashtanga Mysore style, and after the first practice she was fascinated and knew she found home. She stayed with teachers in Hawaii and Australia before she went on for deeper studies in Mysore and Iyengar in Rishikesh. Soon, Bali became home, and today she keeps practicing and learning with her well known teachers at Samadi Bali.

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Dr. Kalpana Karia

YTT Instructor  | Hatha, Philosophy, Energetics

Kalpana Karia started learning yoga from her father at the age of 9. Once she turned 18, she went to London to further her studies in Radiology. After completing her studies in London she went to Rishikesh India and took an intensive yoga teachers training course at Sivananda Ashram. In 1997 she was appointed as the director for East African studies by the British school of Yoga , where she taught Yoga voluntarily and trained many teachers. After meeting the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi encouraged her to write the second edition of her book. She wrote and published  her second edition YOGA FOR HEALTH wisdom and harmony in 2017 and was appointed as the director for East African studies by the international Federation of yoga professionals.


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