We are humbled by them

Our students’


Sandra Kudelova, Israel
(200HR YTT)

Nolan and Shay, USA
(200HR YTT)

Alina Rafikova, Singapore
(200HR YTT)

Omar Mirza, Canada
(200HR YTT)

Giedre Kalvaityte, UK
(200HR YTT)

Ashley, Christy and IDA

Reinhardt and Francisco, Austra (200HR YTT)

Linda Caerdinael, USA
(50HR Aerial YTT)

Erika Scesnaviciene, Lithuania (200HR YTT)

“We’re More Confident in Teaching”

Reinhardt and Francisco Loner (Austria)
14 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hi, I’m Reinhardt. That’s my wife, Francisco. We’re from Austria, and we married four months ago. And so we always want to become yoga teachers and so we started here in Uluwatu. And it’s our honeymoon too. The last two weeks was a nice experience for us. Lovely people here. Really learned a lot. And we could also do things we never done before, like aerial yoga or acro yoga. And we want to practice also that more at home together. So we have a new hobby together. And yeah, we really enjoyed everything from the yoga teacher training. We could really make a big step out of our comfort zone and new experience. We’re more confident in teaching. We can really highly recommend to everybody to do the yoga teacher training here with Ulu Yoga. The teachers are great, great knowledge and yeah, we want to say thank you. Namaste. 

“Truly amazing experience”

Nila Phi (USA)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I was one of the first groups to do the Yoga Teacher Training 200h here, and what a treat. It’s a beautiful shala, very chic, clean and new. It’s got a gorgeous view overlooking the hills and the ocean in the distance. The aerial setup is top notch and designed by Ulu. Truly amazing experience.

“Exceptionally good teachers”

Marny Franssen
21 Day 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Did the ‘YTT300’ at ULU on Koh Phangan for the past three weeks. Every day of these three weeks was another great day. We had exceptionally good teachers with a great deal of knowledge, but who also ensured safety, equality and self-confidence. Their care and love was constantly felt. Infinite thanks, Cody and Janine!

“Definitely checked all the boxes”

Nolan and Shay Welles (USA) 

14 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hello, I’m Shea. And I’m Nolan. And we are from Oregon, United States. And so we traveled a long ways to get here. 39 hours. Beautiful Bali. And we did the 200 hours hybrid yoga teacher training course, which was amazing. A wonderful experience. It really was. Had a great time despite it being the rainy season. We had beautiful weather while we were here. I love the rain. So fine. I’m like, let it rain. So basically, we did half of the course online before we came, which was amazing. The teachers online were so wonderful. I was super excited to meet them. And then when I got here, I realized they were in a different place. And then we met the teachers here, and we were just overjoyed because all the teachers here were just as amazing as the ones that we saw online. I think the peak for us was probably the acro yoga. Yeah. Really passionate about that. And ULU Yoga did a great job. They taught us the fundamentals and really got us more well versed with joint stacking and how to make it easier rather than just muffling through the maneuver. That’s right. Yeah. And that was one of the things that brought us to Ulu Yoga, is when we were searching for yoga teacher training retreats, we were looking for a retreat that focused on acro or had some elements of acro and aerial in it. And this course definitely had those two things for us. Definitely checked all the boxes. And we’re both vegan, so there’s lots of vegan food to eat in Bali. Maybe too much. We might have gained weight while we were here, but yeah, it was just amazing, the weather. It was like a vacation and a certification all in one. And really great instruction, really great workouts every day. We decided to opt for not getting a bike while we were here and got some exercise hiking up the hill every day. And we had a really great time. Come do Ulu Yoga in Bali. Ulu Yoga definitely took care of us. Namaste.  

“The teaching is first class”

Alex Holmes, U.K. 
7-day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

I’ve just finished the 50 hours aerial Yoga Teacher Training course, and it was simply a fantastic experience. The teaching is first class. The structure of the course is wonderful. You get immersed in it from the first day. It’s very exhilarating. But it’s also a revelation, because as a guy practicing yoga, there are certain things that I find challenging. I find that while my muscles give me strength, they often get in the way, and they actually stop me reaching that level of flexibility that I would like to achieve. They kind of hold me back, and I find myself fighting with my own body. Sometimes what the swing does is it enables you to kind of release into the asanas to find that deeper stretch, or rather, not to find it, but to let it find you. The swing actually kind of helps you sort of just lean into it, and the stretch finds you rather than you constantly trying to force it on the mat. So, for me, it was a very liberating experience practicing aerial yoga. I’ve come away feeling confident that I could at least go and practice on my own and enjoy that practice. And once I’d got really familiar with everything, I would love to start teaching this elsewhere, because I think it’s a great opportunity. I think this is a wonderful extension of classical yoga and a great way to have fun, because the other thing I feel about aerial yoga that’s very special is that it just brings that element of playfulness. As soon as you get near the swing, as soon as you sit on it, as soon as you start to move with it, you just feel that sense of playfulness coming back and that sense of enjoyment. The whole thing becomes way less serious. I mean, we have laughed so much this week. There’s been such a lot of joy in the class, such a lot of camaraderie. It’s been a great experience all around. So I just like to say a big thank you to Eddie, of course, but also to KK, who taught many of our classes, and the analytics, which were just fantastic. So I’ve come away feeling really confident, and I’m definitely going to make yoga part of my practice and hopefully soon part of my teaching. So good. 

“Blown away with all the love and support”

Samantha Garin, USA 
14 day 200HR YTT in Thailand

Absolutely fantastic. Had no expectations coming into it and was blown away with all the love and support and just general encouragement and deep understanding of yoga and the yoga lifestyle. Very excited to take this knowledge with me going forward. Thanks. 

“You must try once in your life”

Veronica Kuo, Taiwan 
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

Hi, everyone. My name is Veronica. I’m from Taiwan and I never tried aerial yoga before, but I had a great time here. And with the Ulu yoga, it was wonderful week. I had so much fun. And the teacher, KK, she’s so sweet. And Eddie is so professional and experienced yoga teacher. So you will have everything you need here. And you must try once in your life with aerial yoga, with ULU Yoga. And you will have an extraordinary experience here. That’s all I want to say. Please try.

“Well Structured Program”

Omar Mirza (Canada)
14 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hi there, my name is Omar, I’m from Canada out here in Bali with Ulu Yoga doing the 200 yttc. What can I say? Fantastic group of instructors, well structured program. It’s a good balance of different styles of yoga. I feel that each instructor came with their own uniqueness, which made it really special. So you get to dab yourself into a little bit of everything.I came across Ulu after doing a lot of research on different yoga platforms and thought that this one would suit my needs the best, and it actually did. And I met all my expectations. If you’re curious or interested in doing yoga at all, I highly recommend this group. My prior experience in yoga were very beginner and I felt that this place did not intimidate me at all that everyone was so welcoming, full of energy and we’re more than happy to guide you on your journey. So if you’re looking for a good place to do yoga or learn yoga I highly recommend the Ulu group.

“Finding Myself, Finding Happiness”

Alina Rafikova (Singapore) 
14 day 200HR YTT in Bali

I’m here on a YTT 200, finding myself, finding happiness, finding peace, finding connection with my mind, with my body, with my soul. My yoga journey has been long and interesting.It has been on and off. And I’m very grateful to finally be in this place, being surrounded by like minded people, inspiring, motivating people who show what yoga truly is, who are teaching from the heart, not from the ego, but teaching from the soul. Sharing their experiences with us, sharing their knowledge with us. We are all coming from completely different paths of life, walks of life. We are here from different countries and somehow we were able to find ourselves in this one spot and spend the time together during these weeks. Sharing our loves, sharing our happiness, sharing our tears, our sorrows. We are all going through different journeys, but just being here in this very moment and choosing to be here has been an extremely amazing experience for me that I will cherish all my life, probably, and will try to continue sharing the knowledge that I’ve obtained here, continue sharing the kindness that I got myself. And now I’m ready to bring more to the world.

“Life changing experience”

Greg Forbes, Australia 
14 day 200HR YTT in Thailand

Thanks ULU Yoga for this life changing experience. It’s been so much better than anyone in our group imagined it would be. It was absolutely amazing. I totally recommend it.   

“I got everything that I wanted”

Alina Shchepina, Russia 
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

My name is Alyna. I do yoga for around like six, maybe five years. It was my first Aerial yoga training and it really was amazing. Before I tried swing yoga like maybe a couple of times. And what I thought about it, that it’s kind of too hard maybe for beginners, maybe it wasn’t maybe enough like warm up. And I wanted actually to learn how to teach aerial swing yoga in a yoga way, actually. Not just exercises, not just fun poses for pictures or something. I just wanted to understand the whole structure of this to make person feel good, to make it authentic and to bring yoga energy in this. And in this course, actually I got everything that I wanted. I didn’t expect anything from the course because I didn’t know what is this? How is this?And just I just went for experience and I’m actually super happy because I was surrounded with amazing people from all other worlds. So different personalities, everyone so nice, so into this lifestyle. Even some people who first time here, even we actually were able to teach in the end of what, four days. And it really was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed it a lot. Kiki and Eddie are amazing teachers. They have very nice energy and at the same time they are very instructive, disciplined and strict about what we are doing. But at the same time, they give you time to improvise, to play and to make it just fun. So I really enjoyed it.

“Releasing a lot on this journey”

Lisa Janssen (Germany) 
21 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hi, I’m Lisa from Germany. Just completing my 200 hours yoga teacher training at Ulu Yoga. This journey has been really deep so far, really transforming, and I’m loving all about it. For me, it’s a really emotional ride, to be honest, becauseI came to Bali to change my life for the better. And yeah, so sorry. This teacher training is giving me the chance to find back to myself again a little more and ground myself and get out all the negativity that has stuck in me for a very long time. And, yeah, I’m releasing a lot on this journey, which I’m really happy about. And everyone is really nice. The whole group is really understanding and all the teachers are offering support anytime and listening, which is really awesome. All the classes are very well designed. My favorite is the vinyasa flow. I just love it. And I love Eloise’s vinyasa and her spirit a lot. And I’ve got a really bigger picture of what yoga is all about. I’ve been doing it for a while. This journey is definitely giving me a deeper understanding of the whole concept of yoga. I highly recommend coming because it’s just life changing and beautiful.

“Feel so blessed and powerful”

Erika Scesnaviciene, Lithuania 
14 day 200HR YTT in Thailand

I feel so blessed and powerful. So happy. I didn’t realise how much happiness I had inside myself. This journey was not just a journey to yoga, but it was a journey to myself. To uncover myself, to embrace myself and to trust myself. In my mind comes just my eyes, just a thought. Who am I not to trust you? I totally trust what the universe is going to unfold to me in this journey. Thanks so much to every teacher. This whole experience was just amazing. You need to feel it. Not just to hear it. You need to feel it. 

“Very Grateful for all this Knowledge”

Willemijn van der Laan (Germany)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

With ULU Yoga I took my 300-hours online as an addition to my 200-hours live training. I really enjoyed the diversity and the professionality of the teachers, during the live classes they could answer my questions. To take this course online was a great solution to me since Bali is a bit out of my reach and it gave me a lot of space to follow the classes and practice anywhere. I’m very grateful for all this knowledge that I can now practice and share with my students. Thank you ULU!

“I feel confident”

Abby Fico (USA)
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

I just finished my 50 hours aerial yoga teacher training class in Bali at ULU yoga. The yoga studio was well equipped with clean new feeling equipment with plenty of blocks straps bolsters and yoga mats and hammocks and a cool floor that feels like a yoga mat. I feel that I got everything as expected from reading the training description. Eddie, the owner and lead teacher was phenomenal (as were all of the other teachers and staff – Juliya, Marilyn, Tania). This was my 10th yoga teacher training and I have to say this manual provided and additional online resources have been the most thorough I’ve come across. I appreciate that Eddie really works to honor yoga’s roots and walks a balance between fun acrobatics and appreciating the mind body connection, and also using the sling/ hammock to provide support and deeper stretching in a more “traditional” type of yoga class. At first I was worried I would never learn enough in such a short time. I wondered why we had extra activities like aerial massage and stuff on our weekly calendar— after the training I understand that Eddie was showing us all of the possibilities of the aerial hammock, and also giving us a bit of relief since aerial classes can be quite intense! We were able to take a variety of classes as students with Eddie and Juliya, and work on comprehensive anatomy with Marilyn. Marilyn is a PhD physio, so I actually learned things form our anatomy courses here i hadn’t learned in 10 yoga trainings and 6 years teaching! We also had “asana labs” where we worked on how to do different postures from Eddie and Juliya’s classes. Some of us were teachers, others athletes, others looking for a retreat. I feel confident to use some of the skills I learned in this course in future classes I teach. I will be adding aerial yoga to my extensive teaching repertoire.

“Journey to connect with everyone, just find myself and my inner peace”

Giedre Kalvaityte, UK 
14 day 200HR YTT in Thailand

ULU Yoga Teacher Training experience has been really incredible. It’s given me so much joy and I’ve learned so much here. The teachers here are all incredible. They all have different backgrounds and teach different styles and give us different perspectives. It’s been an incredible journey to connect with everyone and just find myself, my inner peace as well. So I recommend it to everyone.

“More Grounding in my Life”

Tamara Lashlet (USA) 
21 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hi, I’m Tamara from Canada. I live in Bali. I decided to do this course because I needed a bit more grounding in my life and I thought it was a good opportunity. Plus, I love being active. I more did this for myself than potentially to be a teacher, but maybe I’ll do that down the road. The experience with ULU Yoga has been pretty easy. Booking online. I booked the three weeks. I booked the multi course because I actually like to practice multiple yoga. I didn’t do it as much. This is kind of like an intense not an intense, but more like condensed experience for me to jump back into yoga, remember why I love it, and get to experience multiple styles. We’re doing SUP today. We’re at the beach working on Spinal. Ariel acro, vinyasa, hatha. It’s been pretty great. The guys, the teachers are from different walks of life, speak different languages, and that’s been pretty amazing. And, yeah, very fortunate to be with an amazing group. So pretty happy and just want to say thank you.

“Really Amazing”

Linda Caerdinael, USA 
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

So this training has been really amazing. We’ve made connections with people that you would never find or make anywhere else in any other experience. Just one week of training felt like we have been together with all of these girls for a month or a year or something. From spending so much time together, we’ve learned so many things about Aerial, but not just about that, but about each other and about ourselves as well. It’s been really amazing, the experience. Thank you very much.

“Unique classes”

Tyler Smith (USA)
42 Day 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Extraordinary space that offers unique classes with extremely knowledgeable teachers from diverse backgrounds. The view is unmatched as it overlooks the ocean. Air Conditioning, cleanliness, and good vibes are all included.

“Beautiful and knowledgeable teachers”

Sandra Kudelova, Israel 
14 day 200HR YTT in Thailand

This experience was really amazing and life changing. There’s so many beautiful and knowledgeable teachers. I highly recommend if you are considering taking this course. So really do it! It’s a really beautiful, really beautiful experience. I don’t’ even have words for that, so just do it.

“A really transformational week”

Ashley (Australia)
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I just completed my 50 hours aerial training. And it was a really transformational week, and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you.

“Getting more inspired again”

Nicole Felix, Germany 
21 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hello. My name is Nicole. I’m from Germany and I’m doing the 200 hours yoga teacher training here in this beautiful island of Bali. I’m so grateful to do this beautiful teacher training together into myself again, getting more energized, having so much fun with all the people who are around here. The teachers are so nice, letting us experience ourselves so much, releasing our stuff, feeling so comfortable here, so welcomed. And yeah, I just love it. I just love the island. Look around is so beautiful. Getting more inspired again, creating more energy in my body again. And I’m just so thankful for this experience. And yeah, thanks so much.

“Perfect for a quality yoga training and fun holiday in paradise”

Gertrude D
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

The style of yoga mixing with Hatha and Buddhism is such a brilliant combination. I highly recommend giving this a try even if you have no knowledge of either. The place is so gorgeous and perfect for a quality yoga training and fun holiday in paradise. The owners are very caring and everything was perfect. It’s much less developed than Bali by comparison, but so clean and quiet full of pristine nature. I loved it!.

“Fun, flexible and set me up for success”

Marissa Lombardo (USA)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

One of the greatest decisions i ever made was to come to ULU Yoga for my 200HR YTT!! The entire experiencing from the initial booking, to the very last minutes of our journey exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed with how quickly the staff got back to me about any questions i had, before, during and after my trip. The teachers were professional, knowledgeable and so inspirational! They made the entire experience magical for our group. The program was thorough, fun, flexible and set me up for success as I started teaching yoga classes the week that I got back. I promise you will not regret booking through this program. I truly cannot wait to go back and do more workshops and trainings.

“Wonderful, Beautiful yoga”

Gia Henderson, USA 
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

I can fly. I can fly. It was so amazing to be part of this training. My name is Gia. Coming here to Uluwatu is such a beautiful experience. Eddie and KK and everyone that helps with the training really helped us facilitate and learn how to conduct a beautiful class, whether it’s restricted more of a power sequence. There’s so many things you can do in a swing. And so I hope that you will join some day for a class or come to a training, and then you can teach this wonderful, beautiful yoga. Ulu aerial yoga. I love it.

“An experience that's really worth it”

Amalia Gallego, Colombia 
21 day 200HR YTT in Bali

Hello. My name is Amalia.I’m from Colombia, and I’m doing the yoga teacher training with Ulu Yoga. I think it’s such a beautiful experience. I’ve had a wonderful time. I’ve met a lot of beautiful people. The teachers are amazing. They go with you through the whole experience, emotionally and physically. It’s really an experience that’s really worth it. And the yoga that I love the most is vinyasa and aerial. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who just wants to open up and have an amazing experience and meet new people. Thanks so much.

“It's something that I will remember forever”

Christy (Australia)
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

My name is Christy. I’m from Australia, and I’ve just completed the aerial yoga course, 50 hours. I’m here with my daughter Sienna, who has watched and been a part of the experience. And I’m so grateful for this opportunity for all the different people that I’ve met. To Minty, to Kiki, and to Eddie for putting this program together. It’s something that I will remember forever and so will my children. Thank you.

“Personal growth, self-discovery and sharing”

Alena Zackova (UAE)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I recently had the pleasure of participating in 200H Yoga Teacher Training program that exceeded my expectations in every possible way. This beautiful experience allowed me to get deeper into the world of yoga, expanding my knowledge not only about physical asanas but also about the spirituality and many other aspects of yoga. The instructors very knowledgeable, warm-hearted and passionate. Thanks to their support we as a group created an environment that gave us safe space for personal growth, self-discovery and sharing. The instructors very knowledgeable, warm-hearted and passionate. Thanks to their support we as a group created an environment that gave us safe space for personal growth, self-discovery and sharing. Everything was very well organized, can only recommend!❤️

“It's been a lot of fun”

IDA (Australia)
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

My name is IDA. I had the best time doing my 50 hours aerial training with Ulu Yoga here in Uluwatu It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to begin my aerial yoga journey. I will bring you back to my hometown, Oslo. Thank you so much for now. Bye bye.

“Getting to deepen my practice”

Kiana Ansari, USA 
14 day 200HR YTT in Bali

My name is Kiana. I’m from the US, California, and I’m currently doing the 200 hours YTT with Ulu Yoga. And I really have been loving the multi style aspect of this yoga training. Getting to experiment with acro yoga and aerial yoga where they have this more like, playful quality has been really cool and just really awesome to expand my knowledge in that way. And also just getting to deepen my practice and really learn about the analytics, the philosophy, get to learn from people around the world, these other girls in the training and men that were learning from each other. I’ve had a really great experience, and being in Uluwatu has been magical. Being in these shalas where it’s like green everywhere. Nature just feeling connected in that sense. But, yeah, I’ve had a lovely experience.If anyone’s looking to do training, I highly recommend them. They’re amazing.

“I cannot recommend enough”

Rob Mc (Australia)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

A well appointed yoga teacher training facility with great views across Uluwatu and out to the ocean. I did aerial yoga and acro yoga training here as part of ULU Yoga’s 200 hour training program. I cannot recommend enough the teachers and the program targeting and diversity.

“Best decision of my life”

Daria Avdienko (France)
7 day 50HR Aerial YTT in Bali

I am so glad I did participate the YTT 50h Aerial classes at ULU Yoga. It was the best decision of my life. The teachers are very professional, kind and has an incredible energy, they gave me life changing advices. It was intense and so interesting that time passed so fast and we have learned so much! Also The Shala was so beautiful and full of incredible energy that now every time I meditate I bring myself in my imagination in this Shala. I felt so good there. Now my next goal is to participate the 200h YTT classes. Hopefully I will be able to come back soon for this. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I highly recommend to participate this classes to everyone! Even if you don’t plan to become a Yoga teacher. Thank you ULU Yoga . Hope to see you soon 🙏🙏🙏.

“Completely exceeded my expectations!”

Alexandra Buckle (UK)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I recently completed my 200hr YTT with Ulu Bali. A genuinely incredible experience! The program, teachers and overall delivery completely exceeded my expectations! Would recommend to everyone! As part of the program I had the opportunity to enjoy some classes here in the new Ulu Bali shala. A lovely open space on the hillside overlooking the ocean. Has a really nice little patio too where you can watch the sunset after class.

“Well trained, empathetic, intelligent, and loving”

Monika Worcester (Canada)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Truly a magical and unforgettable experience. The entire team was so well trained, empathetic, intelligent, and loving. i couldn’t have asked for a better YTT 200 experience and training.

“Very kind and knowledgeable”

Shayleen Raznoff (USA)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Ulu yoga has created a very modern Shala equipped with A/C and a phenomenal view. I recently did my 200 hr YTT with them. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable, and the shala provided all the props needed to practice yoga.

“Loved practicing yoga with an ocean view!”

Teresa Galli (Italy)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I had a few classes in this Shala during my 200 h YTT. I appreciated the clean space with a simple but well-finished design and I loved practicing yoga with an ocean view!

“Able to learn an incredible amount about yoga”

Christina Moser
14-Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I am incredibly glad that I chose ULU Yoga. From the course to the food, everything was just perfect. What I particularly liked was that our group wasn’t big! This meant that you could really chat and make friends with everyone and you didn’t have the feeling that you were being mass-produced. The teachers were so welcoming and had in-depth knowledge, you felt like you were in very good hands. I was able to learn an incredible amount about yoga and the lifestyle, but also about myself in particular. My time at ULU Yoga in Uluwatu was simply incredible and I am grateful for this incredibly wonderful time!

“Perfect environment like Bali close to the beaches”

Isabelle Royer
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I did my 200h YTT with Uluyoga In Bali. All of the teachers were really amazing ! It’s the perfect mix of authenticity of yoga with humble and caring humans. All of that in a perfect environment like Bali close to the beaches. If you are looking for a serious school well planned with a great balance of all of the different teachers’ energy and knowledge this is it ! I liked that you see a little bit of a lot of styles. This way you can choose what you prefer and you might be surprised by what you will discover ! It’s really worth trying. The breakfast included was really good. You have a choice everyday with sweet or salty. The shala is really peaceful and well situated and it has a lot of good restaurants nearby for lunch and dinner. A big thank you to all the ULU yoga team ! We had Héloïse as a leader teacher. She was amazing. She has a sparkling energy. I loved that she has a lots of knowledge with chakras. She also teaches us how to create a safe place to open up emotionally. Manjeet was also an amazing philosophy teacher. His knowledge is a perfect mix with tradition from India and funny and humble human being in this modern world. Salome with ashtanga taught us more a traditional approach, Eddie with Aerial yoga, Lloyd and Flo acro yoga were very competent and taught us with safety how to approach those styles. And I loved the flowy vinyasa from Krystal. Also Tania the coordinator she was really helpful and caring ! They all add their flavour. I highly recommend it 🙂

“I felt so welcomed and appreciated”

Sonja Gerber (Serbia)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Such an amazing, life changing experience. I am new to the yoga world and didn’t know what to expect but I enjoyed each and every one of the classes offered. All teachers were beautiful in their uniqueness and knowledge. I felt so welcomed and appreciated. Our group of students became my new little fa. So much understanding and unconditional love. We cried, we laughed, shared experiences, practiced meditation, pranayamas and asanas together, went for massages, had meals together… In one word, an unforgettable growing experience. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to enrich my life with so much knowledge and having the tools the navigate life hurdles when they occur and enjoying the magic of the beautiful moments ahead of me 🙏🏼💖  

“Excellent all-encompassing program”

Jackie Theoharis (USA)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I loved my training here. I did the 3-week 200-hour advanced course – I loved that it was a hybrid program to give some flexibility. I thought it was an excellent all-encompassing program that gave an intro to many different styles of yoga. Most of the instructors were great!  

“Exposed to a wide variety of yoga styles”

Leeola Zanetti (Canada)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The content and learning format was very well done. The online videos were great to support the in person program. The instructors were authentic, caring and knowledgeable. We were exposed to a wide variety of yoga styles and it was a lot of fun. I felt very looked after and safe. I would recommend Ulu Yoga to anyone looking for an authentic teacher training experience.

“I felt secure in the sessions and could open up more”

Barbara Standaert (Belgium)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The reason why I chose to do my yoga course with Ulu was because they also added Acro and Aerial experience. This way I could go deep into the traditional practice and also have a little preview of what could also be an option to practice and teach. All the instructors were so great, it felt like a little family and this is what you need to get really into a deep training. This way I felt secure in the sessions and could open up more. I miss this little family and would love to redo the course 😀

“Charming shala, kind staff and lovely food”

Elyssa Metissa (France)
7 day 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I totally loved the Aerial Teacher Training at ULU yoga. It was perfectly organized, Eddie really did his very best for it to be a flowing and smooth experience from start to end. I loved Bamboo, the space that hosted us: Such a charming shala, kind staff and lovely food. The days were very well structured, with a perfect combination of theory, practice and rest time. Minty was the best teacher ever, very knowledgeable and warm. Heloise was great, Lloyd explained Anatomy amazingly well. Eddie’s morning aerial flow was top. We were a group of 12 people, half of us being yoga teachers, with some people who were new to aerial yoga. I felt that the course was adaptable to each level. We all felt very grateful for the experience and instantly became close to each other. We stayed at Taman Sari, which was great too.

“Fully evolved as an instructor”

Anita Muniz (USA)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I was so grateful to have found the yoga teacher training and the community I found in Ulu Yoga. The support I had from Eddie and the team (family) started from day one and only grew stronger as I needed it. I went through something very real with my health, I had a bad flare and every single person was on board to support me. I made it through training without missing a single class and fully evolved as an instructor. To have had such an evolution on a personal level, while simultaneously going through health issues was a profound experience I’ll never forget. To not feel judged, but embraced when I needed it. To feel uplifted and have a yoga family celebrating your every win. This is the difference between good and great. The amount of empowerment I felt around the clock helped me to harness and build my confidence. Confidence rooted in my new abilities, education and well rounded practice. It is no wonder Ulu Yoga has such a high standard and their product is the highest quality yoga instructors in the world. I will be forever grateful and will carry that kind of love, support and genuine caring into my practice for my students. I love that Eddie created the aerial yoga swing. I bought one because the one I had was far too complicated. It’s a relief when doing what you love from home becomes easy. I will hold the amazing group of people at Ulu Yoga in my heart. My only hope is to see more lives impacted in the way mine was.

“Deeper knowledge of the immense spectrum of yoga practices”

Valentina Caligaris (Italy)
21 Day 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Being a Kundalini teacher I wanted to get a deeper knowledge of the immense spectrum of yoga practices . I had the chance to daily learn from ULU teachers but also from all the teacher of the community each one passionate and competent in his/her practice

“Learnt how to connect and better love ourselves”

Natalia Xavier (Ireland)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Since the beginning the communication with the girls in the emails was brilliant. They gave me all the support I needed to feel safe and confident about the course. All the online classes were so inspiring and exciting. I never liked studying so much in my life. I love all the teachers but Manjeet was my favorite of all. All of his wisdom and energy could be transmitted from the screen. His classes gave me all the experience I needed to understand about Yoga philosophy and all the benefits that Pranayama and training our minds can bring us. Cody Anatomy classes were very interesting as well. I really enjoy his dynamic way of teaching, it was so much easier to understand. For the in person it was hard decision between Thailand and Indonesia but my heart and intuition chose Bali. One more decision that I am very grateful I did. Uluwatu is an amazing town, the energy of the place is amazing, the beaches, the restaurants, everything. Every single person I met in our Shala have a special place in my heart. Since my class mates, the teachers, everybody that was working in Le Bamboo. They have created a beautiful supportive community that more than a place to learn new skills we learnt how to connect and better love ourselves. I loved all the different activities that Ulu provided us, how they helped us to build confidence as teacher and to be creative and intuitive on our classes. I am really grateful that I found this course and had this experience.

“Brilliant learning experience”

Robert Mc (Australia)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The ULU program was great giving a mix of theory, yoga history, vinyasa, hatha, yin, acro and aerial yoga. The teachers were knowledgeable, engaging and all round great humans, which made for a brilliant learning experience. The mix of students from all over the world, various yoga backgrounds, and ages made the 3 weeks a blast and created great friendships. The new ULU shala is well appointed and has stunning views. The fact that you can choose your own accommodation and source the lunches and dinners yourself was a real plus for me. I stayed at the Hidden Hills Villas which were stunning and an easy walk to both ULU Shalas.

“Helped me find balance and peace in my life”

Yasmin Sadeq (Algeria)
7 day 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Everything about this course was just amazing! Thank you so much for igniting my love of yoga. You have helped me find balance and peace in my life and I couldn’t be more appreciative of your patient, calm, and relaxing approach to teaching🤍  

“I have learned about self love, being brave and staying humble”

Connie Kang (China)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

This is my first yoga teacher training and also my first time visiting Bali – the three weeks long experience has been absolutely amazing for me! It turns out to be more than just learning yoga and training as yoga teacher – I’m truly grateful for everything I learned there. I have learned about self love, being brave and staying humble and so much more. I definitely recommend it for the following reasons: 1. Variety of the courses – Ulu yoga offers many interesting non traditional yoga courses e.g. aerial, acro, beach, SUP (I’m an aerial yoga lover and I have to say Ulu’s unique hammock was so much fun to play with!); 2. Variety of the people I met – the teachers are all lovely, caring and knowledgeable despite their different backgrounds, moreover the classmates are from all over the world so everyday it’s learning about new things, getting to know different cultures, sharing and hearing different life stories; 3. Location – I attended the training in Uluwatu which is less touristy, close to the beach (many surfers go surfing there) and has many good restaurants and cafes; 4. Materials – they will provide you a textbook on the site and there’s also an online learning platform which I find it helpful, you have access to it for about a year so that you can revisit it as you wish

“Flexibility to learn at my own pace”

Jacqueline S
21 Day 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

This was a transformational experience that left me inspired, equipped with a wealth of knowledge, and met incredible lifelong friends. One thing that stands out from this training was the daily asana labs dedicated to teaching asanas and refining our cues. Each day, we were given practice time to teach various asanas, allowing us to embody what we had learned. This deliberate emphasis ensured that the asanas and cues were ingrained in us, becoming second nature. I really valued this as when I was doing research in courses I was looking for a place that would give a lot of practical application. I was also able to do some hours of study online which gave me the flexibility to learn at my own pace then I felt ready to come and do the rest in person, plus got a bonus day! The teachers were undoubtedly the heart and soul of this training. Their vast knowledge, coupled with their genuine passion for yoga, created an atmosphere of learning that was both engaging and nurturing. Their guidance allowed me to delve deeper into Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, expanding my understanding of these styles. The shala is newly built, with air conditioning (this I needed) and has spectacular ocean views where you can see a colourful sunset every day. This training went beyond teaching yoga poses; it taught me about the power of self-discovery, connection, and the potential we all have to inspire positive change. I feel ready, confident and equipped to go out to the big world and start teaching!

“I wish we had more time”

Martina Laera (Italy)
7 day 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

It felt like a dream! This course is really amazing however it is not just a course, for me it has been a lot more. I met wonderful people and I have learned so much in just so little time. I wish we had more time actually. Minty, Eddy and Nat have been such good teachers and they helped us with anything we needed. They always made us feel supported.

“Teachers were absolutely amazing”

Laura Gibson (United Kingdom)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Most of the teachers were absolutely amazing and made the whole experience incredible, from both a learning to teach perspective and self discovery. Also loved learning acro!!  

“The ULU yoga team helps with everything”

Rahel Tamara Weidmann (Switzerland)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

It was perfect. Very kind teachers with a lot of experience and good instructions for the students. They are always there to help and they have a lot of knowledge to teach. I did like Aerial, SUP and Acroyoga a lot and it was fun to learn some different styles of yoga. The breakfast was delicious and the long lunch break was perfect to prepare for the teaching exams and to relax at the pool before going back to afternoon classes. The ULU yoga team helps with everything. I came one day before the start and stayed longer and they organized everything with the hotel and gave us some numbers of local and trusted taxi drivers to pick us up at the airport. The online hours are very good structured and the videos are in good quality as well. And you still have access to the videos after the course. I would have liked to stay longer and do the 300hrs right away if I had more vacation days. Hopefully somewhen in the future i can come back to Bali and do another course with ULU yoga.  

“Learned so much more and deepened my practice”

Eileen Köllmann (Germany)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I really liked the location of the training and how the teachers made everyone comfortable. I practiced yoga for a few years but learned so much more and deepened my practice more than I could imagined. I had some medical emergencies which had nothing to do with yoga or ulu yoga, but they supported me through the whole journey. I sadly couldn’t finish the course there but we found an solution easily and I’m really enjoying the online course. The communication was always clear and friendly. The teachers were teaching with passion and keeping it very interesting and interactive. The space was always clean, breakfast was delicious and I have no complaints at all. Thank you for everything and I already can’t wait for my next YTT with ulu yoga!  

“Teaching vibe and environment”

Chenling Zhu (China)
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I really like the teaching vibe and environment. Being able to do yoga in a bamboo shala and with teacher from different background. Everyday I can learn a lot both physically and philosophically. What I like most is the interaction at class like the sharing circle and a lot of activities. Also the sup yoga and acro yoga are amazing! I didn’t expect I can experience so much here! And more impressed is you will never know how cute your classmates would be!  

“A very emotional ride and I felt safe”

Joy Strömer (Sweden)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I loved how the teachers were very open and available if I needed them. It was a very emotional ride and I felt safe with the teachers, group and the surroundings. I loved to yoga in the Le Bamboo Shala with a view towards the ocean, surrounded by gigantic green plants. I learned so many new things about yoga and myself! Woke up every morning excited to go to class. I really miss the everyday life created for us and wish I had booked more weeks.    

“A genuinely transformational life experience”

Alexandra Buckle (United Kingdom)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Wow, where to begin!? The Ulu 21-day 200hr YTT in Uluwatu was just incredible! I signed up to do yoga & learn more about yogi philosophy. I came away having had a genuinely transformational life experience. And I had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful people I will cherish forever! Key highlights: 1) Online content – great being able to access online classes before, during and after 21-day part. Study before laid a good foundation of knowledge to build on. Will be helpful to recap some bits after as well. 2) Teachers – I am so grateful to all the teachers for everything – their teaching of yoga both on and off the mat, their support and energy <3 3) Timetable - good balance of physical asana practice with classroom learning and downtime to relax/self-study/process/explore. 4) Mix of yoga - great to have a focus on vinyasa & Hatha with Ariel, acro & yin alongside - love with them all 5) Venue - Le bamboo was perfect - beautiful bohemian resort set on a hillside with ocean views, infinity pool, fantastic staff & food. The shala was ideal, had everything we needed with lovely nature views. We had the chance to try out the new Ulu shala too - so spacious and calm - perfect for Aerial and acro 6) Organisation - Eddie & his team ran the program seamlessly. Comms before, during & after were great. So helpful & accommodating. I'm so grateful for this experience, can't recommend Ulu YTT enough!  

“Empowered to continue my spiritual path”

Karolin Schneider
14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

I want to thank ULU Yoga again for the wonderful time I had during my on-site Training in Uluwatu, Bali. It was a one in a lifetime experience. I am incredibly thankful for all the laughs, tears and insides we shared. Although the training was only two weeks, I learned an awful lot! Not only how to design classes and how to teach others, but also a lot about myself and my own practice. My personal highlights were the excursion to the spa one evening and also the variety of different yoga styles we got to experience (including acro, aerial, yin and SUP yoga). After this training, I feel now equipped to teach others in vinyasa and hatha yoga classes and empowered to continue my spiritual path. Thank you once again for this amazing time! PS: I really loved breakfast. A variety of options to choose from. I uncovered my love for smoothie bowls. 😀 I also want to point out that the shala is very new, with a lovely view to the sea. Also, the shala is quite good in noise canceling, since currently (July 2023) a lot of construction work is going on.    

“I was in a safe space with a good support system”

Charlotte Pearce (England)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

It’s hard to put into words how amazing the 200h course was for me personally. I made incredible connections with the students firstly – we all got to know each other on a deeper level and I felt like I was in a safe space with a good support system around me, something that’s very important to me! The teachers were passionate about their art and inspiring. Héloïse is such a beautiful soul and really helped me with my confidence during asana labs and exams, Manjeet’s philosophy classes left me feeling like I’d just come out of a TedTalk 😂, Minty helped me to reconnect with my inner child and introduced me to new activities outside of yoga like contact dance (10/10 recommend), Natty’s morning flows helped my morning mood improve drastically, and finally Jacqueline aided the whole class in perfecting their poses every single day, as well as being amazing at sensing people’s energies and moods and helping us through whatever it was we were going through! Eddie led us through the business side of yoga and his expertise were appreciated greatly. No matter what level you’re at in your practice, book with Ulu. Trust me on this one 🙂  

“Deep understanding, space, support, wonderful souls, teachers and friends”

Karin Taus (Vienna)
21 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

This teacher training was absolutely wonderful. To have 5 different teacher, who are all in their ways so inspiring, wise and giving, is a true blessing. Every one of them gave us tools and words on our ways as yoga teachers and as human beings. I am very thankful to have met them and to learn from their stories. We spent every week in a different shala which gave us the opportunity to explore different places. The teachers and organisors were very helpful and found a solution to all issues coming up. Such a safe space to grow and explore, to remember who we are and why we are here. I came to spend a month away from winter and learn more about yoga but I found so much more. Deep understanding, space, support, wonderful souls, teachers and friends. Thank you all for your presence and love!  


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